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Hi are you planning on making left and right banking animations for the ships?

Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanks!

How do we get the update? Do we just repurchase the pack again?

I just thought I'd let you know, the problem I was having with your tracks looping (making a cut off sound in between loops), wasn't your fault. It is a problem in GDevelop, the game engine I was using. I opened audacity and looped your tracks and they were as smooth as butter, no cut offs. I fixed the problem in GDevelop by choosing "play a sound on a channel" option, instead of "play a music file on a channel" and it loops beautifully. Just in case there are other GDevelop users, this may help. Thanks again!

Thank you!

Can we use the character creator for commercial use, game avatars?

No worries. Thanks for all your help. It will work out fine.

Great, thank you. I'll look into that.

Well, it may just be the song itself beginning loudly, so it sounds like it cuts off when it loops. I don't know if there is a way to fade in better or not? I'm using gdevelop for my game engine.

What are the size of these ships?

I am just using the wav files. It's pixel war 2 that I've noticed a hard cutoff, when looping its noticeable. I don't know if its just me or maybe just the song.

Love the music! Although some of the tracks don't loop properly? There are definite cut offs. Wondering advice on how to get them to loop properly? Thanks.

Yes, I love your art style too. Are you working on more for this pack? Rocks, cliffs, trees, etc?

Hello. I just bought your asset pack. Am I allowed to modify the designs to fit the style of my game? Thanks.

Is this a parallax background? Are the layers separate?

If you ever come up with end bosses for this pack I would love it, and more enemy ships:)

Are these backgrounds tiled, so they will repeat over and over? 

It works! Thanks for fixing it!

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Yes, it can be replicated. I'm on a Mac with Chrome as my browser fyi. I just inputted 320x180 pixel size for my image and hit export. Half the picture is white. The other half has the space background image. Is it because it only does 200x200 tiles?

I exported and image from this website, but half the image is white? Why?

I purchased your assets. Thanks! Do I have permission to change the colors or modify the designs to fit the style of my game?

That would be great!

Hello. Love your pack. Ever thought of making a side scroll version of this? I'd love to see it.

Is there anyway you could add up and down animations? I love your ship designs. I'm making a side view space shooter.

Do these ships have animations? Like moving up and down animations? Thanks.

Great footstep pack!