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Dusk Tactics

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Been waiting for this one!! 

Thanks so much for being my first, haha.

Yes, eventually it will be available on Steam.

I currently have a small closed alpha demo going on that will be opened up to more people hopefully soon Q1-Q2 2024.

I'll most likely announce it on the website or on Twitter/X (whatever it is now).


This is brilliant!

Absolutely beautiful work!

That is fantastic!

Really loving these sets! 

Do you plan on doing any 8 directional animals/monsters? 

It's so hard to find good 8 directional pixel art sprites and these are fantastic!

I'll definitely show you my results. Some early testing with the floor tiles show a lot of promise. The objects are great and I'm already using some of them as "portraits" for things like Chest, Shrub, Vase.

I decided to go with the smaller size due to time/effort needed to create new tiles. Most of the tiles I was using I had resized x2 anyway, so they sort of already were 64x48.

For me, at higher resolutions, it looked better if I scaled them by hand and included multiple tilesets (larger file size of course). There's a lot of difficulty with pixel art and resolutions, haha.

I work with a 64x48 (64x32 surface, 16 depth) for tiles. I noticed that these seem to be perfect, when I get rid of the whitespace on either side it's 128, so that's a simple 0.5 reduction. Definitely going to automate and touch up...might not even have to touch up as much!

The older set I did this on was like a 0.39 reduction haha, now that needed some touching up.

This looks amazing!

I'm trying to imagine how much time it would take to convert it to a pixel art style like I did with the roofing from the village set.

A lovely game! This site needs more assets like this!!

Love this!! 8 directions allows for isometric use!

This is brilliant! It's very hard to find good quality pixel art spell icons that have this sort of depth.

As for some classes, oh I got tons I'd like to see, haha!

Top 5

  • Chemist
  • Monk
  • Thief
  • Guard/Defender
  • Gambler

Also I LOVE the color themes for classes, very cool!

Isometric resources are always welcome, these are lovely by the way!

A weather set would be amazing! I've always loved your art and there is a surprising lack of weather/time of day related icons!