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well, when I update it with Xanthe and liens(and Blakes) route  I  plan on it having other major updates as well. Vic and bae basically have different stories now(Lyell stayed the same with just a few adjustments). In addition I'm giving it new UI, a way to track which endings you got, a way for you to interact with objects in the scene and a lot more. I'm also implementing voice acting(just the common route since i don't have enough money to pay the actors to do more) will also take time to do. furthermore, I'm working on my final for my programming class which will take my time away from this sadly. So I don't have set date for when it will update, but hopefully in the next coming months. 

on your victoria route problem, Jaylene says she took the first left so you don't choose left as your first option that's probably why you're stuck on it. (later in the game you follow the directions again but Jaylene didn't say she took the first left so your first option would be left) hopefully, i explained that well(also depends on your version but if you have the latest it should work). and I've been working on getting voice acting in the game but only for Jaylene and the love interests since the budget is like four happy meals lol. I'm glad you liked the game and thanks for the feedback!

Aww thank you so much! glad you liked the game, lyell is my favorite too( and who knows, maybe blake is getting a route in the next update)

If you’re  on  xanthes or Liens route those have yet to be finished, The final version isn’t out yet. But let me know if your not on those routes.

as long as you dont choose "you dont need to but thanks" , "lean in" and  "reason" then it shouldnt happen, since these opitions increase your score with her and if your score is high enough then it gives you the bad end.  I did some work on her route so I dont  have the verison you have, so let me know if this works. and I'm happy your liking the game!

I wont say what the answers are outright but I can give hints . what the numbers correlate to is up to you to decide.



Thanks for the feedback it’s so helpful plus it’s also great to see other people’s opinions on the game. And I’m glad Sierra is your favorite!(I thought most people would dislike her lol). And wide shouldered tomboys are just my type, though I made sure femmes are present. overall I’m really happy you liked it! Thanks for the commenting I loved reading through it.(and I’m glad you got the references my biggest fear is people not getting my memes)

Hm, yes I did change that since if you kept on clicking left you got the good end automatically in the old version. But unfortunately I do not have my computer with me so sadly it won’t be till this afternoon that I will see what the bug is. But thank you for telling me.

If you want to know more about Jaylene the. Xanthes and liens routes would be great for you(Xanthe is more about her heart disease she had and liens is like her backstory). The update is gonna have theres finishes but probably gonna take longer since I’m going to fix stuff in the other routes. I thought some people might find the roommates annoying so I made Lyell so they could avoid them for one Route. And I didn’t realize how hard I apparently made it lol I thought getting the bad ends would be hard. and it makes me happy you like I worked a long time i this.

I’m glad she’s your favorite!(all of them are my favorite though I do have a bias towards Lyell). In the update she’s going to have a extended bad ending, have CGS and have them interact more in her route in general give it more bulk. So I hope you stick around for that. But thank you for playing and enjoying.

Thank you for even playing! this makes me so happy :), cant wait for the next part!

im really happy you enjoyed it! and yes Bae is too sweet for this world  (^・ω・^ )

oh no, they are currently  unfinished . you can still play them though, they just dont have a ending yet. i plan to release version 4 next Saturday with xanthes and liens routes done along with improved sprites and backgrounds.

to get their routes you have to answer all the questions at the beginning correctly, i wont say which ones are correct but go for the meanest answer possible to get their routes. I did the math and its like a 30 percent chance of getting it so it might take a while lol.

that makes me so happy to hear :3 hope you enjoy the other routes as well.

Renpy  (The thing i used to make the game) calls every version you create version 1. I  just downloaded it from the game page and it has all the updates that should be in version 3. 

Its that way since itch only replaces the old versions if the file name is the same, otherwise you'll have to delete the old files manually, losing all the stats on the old files and i want to keep those stats (hopefully all that makes sense)

and I'm happy you're liking it so far :D

Twitter works the  best, it’s at llonelly2 :)

Yeah the grammar and spelling is being fixed, I’m surprised how much I didn’t notice lmao. Though I would really like your opinion on the pacing, as I felt personally it went too fast and need more inbetween stuff, at least in baes and Victoria’s Routes (Though the stories may be completely different down the line ). But any advice you have is good too, all feed back is appreciated :). I’d prefer other social media as not to clog up the comments though.

 And thank you for playing!

This was really interesting to read, I really enjoyed the premise! the backgrounds had very nice line work, and Brooke is cute :).  overall it was very enjoyable.

thats cool no worries. my twitter is @llonelly2  just message whenever :)

I saw it don't worry. And English is my first language I'm just really bad at it, grammar and spelling just never stuck with me like other people sadly(every semi colon you see in the game is just a wild guess as if its right or not.) I have two tumblrs(One in the description of game and the one on my creator page), a twitter and a discord . just tell which one you prefer.

(2 edits)

the intended way is Lyell, bae, vic, xanthes and liens.  the first three  don't matter as much but might be confusing in certain parts , but liens must be last . this is also due to the violence and horror aspects increasing in each route so it eases you in.

And yes I'm very bad at English in general such as spelling and grammar. my brain just doesn't see the mistakes like others do so it makes it hard to proof read for me. it takes me a couple rereads of a line before I even notice a mistake.  I'm much better at general comics with little dialogue but I wanted to branch out and learn.So yes, your help would be very appreciated(And I'll credit you for helping and such if you want). And I hate witch and which so much cause I do mess them up a lot :'). but thank you for the feedback! and I'm really glad you're enjoying it! sorry for my grammar mistakes.

Also renpy when compiling the game defaults the version to 1.0 no matter how many times you built it before.  But on itch if the file name is different it doesn't replace the old ones. And if you delete the old files  instead of replacing then they lose the stats that are on them. So you have the newest verison its just the file name that is the same. Its weird and i don't like it :').  Unless your not seeing the changes I mentioned in the description?

Thank you so much for playing! And yes I may need to fix that when making a game like this you kinda forget some things you already stated before so thank you for pointing that out. I meant it as Jaylene knew Lyell in high school but since there 4 years apart they barley talked to each other  and now just see each other at the diner (or dinner? idk). But thank you for pointing that out so I can make that more clear in newer versions :) . 

And when they went to jamies i purposefully left it mysterious but i can see why that would be confusing so in later version i might add why she went there since it does explain werewolf culture more.  And thank you for pointing out misspellings and the graphic issues, playing through it myself it makes it hard to notice those.

also you can play xanthes route right now but its half finished (It would have been finished if a file corruption didn't happen but oh well :') )with loads of errors. The choices you have at the start decided which route you take. for the others you just need to get 4 or more right. but for xanthes and Liens you have to get all the questions right.  this is due to the fact their supposed to be the last ones you play. 

But thank you so much for the feedback! this is really helpful and i appreciate you taking the time to play and leave a comment. This helps a ton.

This was really adorable! your art style is very unique I like it :D

also  the line "no,  i wouldnt have invited you if i didn't like that its just," is supposed to be said by Mia I think? but her name doesn't show up. 

Thank you for the feedback!  and thank you for having interest  :) (the vampire route is going to be Xanthes :) )

Hey this is pretty good!