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you have to turn the voice volume in the settings and it’s only during the common route 

Aw thank you, and I got the music from multiple sources. the main theme is by morifc, and if you go into the games files you can find where the others came from :)

I have one test sticker sheet left of this set I did for testing purposes and I might give that away sometime, maybe in a fanart contest.

but these designs aren’t coming back sadly but I will make new designs so stickers will be coming back soon but not these designs 

you should read the sentences before the directions, Jaylene already took the first turn you don’t have to input that first turn she took

I have no clue, no one reported an issue like this so I suggest to see if your pc can handle the game. And if it’s fully capable and all updated I suggest redownloading the game since there might have been a issue during the download process 

Aw thank you :)

while I think it’s valid to think that the stories in MS are more of a series of events then a story I think your conclusion of why it is that why isn’t true. 

When I wrote MS I was a 12th grader and was the first story I ever written, I was completely new to creative writing. Take xanthes route for example,  it will still be written the way it is even if MS only had two/three routes cause it’s was just how I wrote. 

Speaking of xanthes route as an example what will have to be changed for it to be seen as a story rather than a series of events since I’m having trouble understanding what exactly you mean

ill try my best to get it up today :)

Aw im sad to hear you can't play it :(. but yeah i think i can try and do a andriod for this but i only have an adnroid tablet and i have to make sure it works accross all andriod devies and its not as simple as exporting to mac and pc so a lot more work has to be done but I will work on that tommarow :)

play the secret route and you'll see 

well you can head canon them as any trans identity you want since no where is it stated that they are cis.I’m open to seeing different interpretations of the characters.    but I imagine your saying this in a disparaging way.

if theres no music its most likly I didn't add music to that part of the game unless you hear no music at all throughout then its a bug

thank you for the typo errors 

and for the wolf ear thing it's explained at the start when Jaylene goes to the library and you can choose a book to read. but to explain it here some werewolves can't shift at all while others can go full werewolf and others are stuck in between of the two. Lyell is stuck in the middle, if she wants she can practice her shifting into a more werewolf state where her human ears are gone have more fur etc. that's the basics of it without writing a whole essay I think I explained it more in the game


xanthe goes up to me flashing her teeth

(Then put fix here)

that works just fine cause the program I'm using to program has a find and replace feature so I can just copy and past the "xanthe goes up to me flashing her teeth" into search and it shows me where it is .  but thank you in advance for taking your time to help, it means alot.

and do you want to just put the fixes in the comments or want me to email you so you can send them to me?

I had a much longer thing written out but I'm just gonna say this. I know there are typos and grammer mistakes.  people have been telling me this since I first uploaded it.  I'm gonna say it here for other commenters to see. that telling me where the errors are is more helpful then just telling me there are errors, since if you tell me where they are I can go fix them. I have an editor and they are able to work when they have free time .

Yes I'm currently working on a new version of the game that will have new cgs, voice acting, and some fixe to the sprites and backgrounds and once this update comes out it will also have a linux and andriod version to go along with it . but I only work on it when i have free time which isnt much at the moment but hopfully yes :)

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is the voice volume up in the preferences? If it is idk how to fix that specific bug 

thank you for playing it ! glad you liked the game. :D

hm, I literally never seen that error before 

Here’s a link to someone who was having a similar problem try some of their suggestions here:

In addition are you using a guest account that doesn’t have permission to write to the save location saves are saved to?

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i had editors in the past but they just did the common route and never contacted me again. so I rather not have a new editor at this time. if you want you can just edit this comment or make a new one to report any typos 

if you want you can contect me on my other socials  so I can send you a version of the game with no qte

tumblr is  llonelly and twitter is @llonelly2. 

thank you so much! (^ω^)

common route or normal route is to describe the beginning of the game before any romantic route is taken in visual novel/otome games. In my game the common route is when you start a new game going through jaylenes day answering the questions. It ends when you are in the kitchen with Blake that’s when the common route goes into one of the love interest routes. All endings include the good and the bad. Each girl has two endings 

well you could post it on to tumblr/twitter and @ me in it, tumblr is  llonelly and twitter is llonelly2. 

you can also  just private message me it on those platforms if you so wish :)

her true bad end is when your an ass those deaths you get dont count 

probably the coffee link since itch takes some of the money away. And baes voice actor hasn’t give me her lines so I couldn’t add them so it’s not a bug. And thank you!

this was so great to read, thank you for playing the game , and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

when the questions show up choose the asshole answers in vics. if the cat didnt show up then you didnt get her good and bad ends

it’s a quick time event you have to press the squares that come up on the screen 

you still got the bad ending even if the label doesn’t show, it still counts 

I don’t know by what you mean.  if you got the bad end where bae Goes feral then you got the bad end 

have you done the questions right at the start? the hint is above. have you also got her good ending? 

she has two

did you answer the questions at the start right? you have to answer them in this order 1,1,1,3,3,3

did you follow the hints above? make sure you get all the endings and answer the questions right in the common route

yeah, this version is way different then the first one 

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It’s choice, power , bat and sorry for late response( ̄^ ̄)

which questions part? Are you on xanthes route already or need help getting her route?

to help you if you right click the skip button at the bottom of the textbox then it can automatically skip to next choice :)