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First: awesome idea (do you plan on doing something similar with Kol? :3).

I had some trouble figuring it out at the beginning: I thought I had to follow the rhythm given by the "How to play" and didn't get why nothing was happening, and understood how to read the colors after a few tries where nothing happened. After that, I *got* it.

I made it until the end! I thought I wouldn't, since you warn us that the beginning that the game isn't supposed to be easy, but having 16 in Innocence saved my butt many times :D (I should play again to meet the Oracle or the Brothers).
I particularly loved your writing, which is so evocative, and the whole story made me want to discover the Philippine folklore :)

I've just finished a playthrough and LOVED going through the Forest <3

I got it, thanks a lot! :)

I got Kol & Yoshi's CG but I don't know how to get Razix & Yoshi's one, even after several playthroughs with different choices. Can you give me a hint please? :)

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Thanks for your answer :) Please let me know if you find something! (I still had the same problem even after returning to the level select hub or erasing my progress)

Hey! Is there anything that accelerates my clones' detonation other than me pressing Y? I'm near the beginning, at the second puzzle that requires clones to open portails and they detonate SO FAST I don't have the time to complete the puzzle. When I watch people playing on YouTube, they seem to have a lot more time than me before their clones detonate. Is there a bug, or something I'm not seeing?