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Guillaume Lefebvre

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Je suis désolé d'apprendre que le jeu ne fonctionne pas de votre côté, nous sommes actuellement en train de travailler sur des correctifs que nous devrions publier dans les prochains jours, nous veillerons aussi à rendre une version Mac fonctionnelle !

Merci encore pour votre retour !

Spent 3hrs on this, had a lot of fun, even though the game was really slow in early game it was still pretty interresting to continue ! Congrats and hope for the best !

J'ai chialé

Probably the best one i have played ! Congratz

Pretty fun, felt like playing donut county on crack

Nice !

The game's hard but really cool !


thank you

Hella cool & catchy !

Mea culpa, just found the button :)

Hi ! Thank you for bringing some cool new updates for the game ! 

As an android player, i'm having quite a lot of fun with it ! 

If i can suggest you something for the game, i think it would be cool if you manage to put a maximum amount / disable the particles you get when a download finishes, sometimes it's unplayable unfortunately :(

Keep up the good work ! Thanks

This is so cool !

Although it is only a prototype, the game is very polished, with greats visuals and nice feedbacks (props to the bullet holes you can make on a wall, that's the kind of little details i love ! )

Very inspiring work, thank you for releasing it ! :)

Hi ! My name's Guillaume and i'm a french student in gamedev !

Hope i'll have enough time to give you a cool submission !

Very nice submission ! Congrats