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Nope, the issue is just with the text in the stat page. Though of course if you notice something strange in the story itself do let me know!

Not yet! What I can tell you is that the next public update will be the second half of chapter 5.

Hi and thank you! It's still a work in progress. The Patreon version is ahead of the public demo, though currently not by a lot, just the arrival of the wedding guests in chapter 5.

Thank you! Those bits were written at different points in time and I got confused with my own timeline; I'll take a look at it and solve the issue. As for the Gawain thing - most likely a bug, will have that fixed too!

No worries, I always appreciate screenshots for typos and the likes. Thank you!

Mordred turns 18 in chapter 6; they'll be 19 for the rest of book one.

Thank you! ❤ I really appreciate the feedback; I wasn't satisfied with Guinevere's lack of content so far, either, so I've decided to make changes to give her an earlier introduction in chapter 3! This way Mordred (and the player) will get to meet her on-screen and interact with her, and we'll also see more of her in Arthur's POVs within that chapter. 

Thank you for catching that! 

Hi! Yeah that's def a bug in the relationship stats, will have it fixed! As for the strange conjugations - it's an issue I'm still working on, going everywhere and fixing each typo.

And thank you so much! ❤

Where did this bug appear?

Thank you so much! ❤️

Yeah the letter issue is a bug! Did you by any chance use an older save or the quick character creation? The latter had an issue with setting Gawain related variables but it should be sorted out now. 

And I can totally do a characters list! I'm thinking of it being its own page to keep track of important names, and also historical figures so you can check it at any time and refresh your memory!

The quick character creation should work now but let me know if you have any further issues!

It's the end of the current demo actually! Meaning the public version will still be updated (next time is when chapter 5 is complete). The Patreon version has a bit more content (you get to greet the wedding guests) but the game is still is progress.

And thank you! :)

I think, with the way saves are stored, they can  disappear if you cleared your cache? In any case, I don't think there's a way to get them back. But an update is coming soon (by the end of the month) so I would highly recommend replaying when it comes out since I've added/changed some bits as well as tweaked with some variables. (but if anyone doesn't feel like replaying, there's also an added quick-character creation to jump into chapter 5).

Arthur and Morgana have the same mother - Igraine - and different fathers - Uther being Arthur's, Gorlois being Morgana's. It's Igraine who is the Le Fay, so the one whose bloodline carries magic; but just having magical blood doesn't ensure one actually has active powers and is thus a sorcerer. So Igraine, Morgana and Arthur are all Le Fay but only Morgana has the magical powers. 

Also, while Morgana is not Uther's bio kid, she was legally adopted by him - it's why she thought she had a claim to the throne.

Thank you! ❤ Right now, besides Mordred crushing on Galahad there's not really more to his romance. And if you're interested about increasing your relationship with him in general - don't worry too much about it, the romance/friendship takes into account all sorts of routes, whether confrontational or friendly (basically I like it when you can challenge a character/disagree with them and it actually increases the relationship points). That said, there are certain choices in chapter 3 that can get him to start seeing Mordred in a different light. Generally the nice/soft/emotional ones, as well as things like telling him you're learning the magic of the Lady of the Lake and even one occasion where you kinda challenge his ideas. Anyway, going to the river with the intention of befriending him should help mellow him a bit!

This issue has me stumped right now so I too would really appreciate if anyone knew! It's really weird cause I've tried it on different devices and browsers and I can open the game fine. I've been trying to search the problem but I haven't found anything yet.

I'll take a look over the conversation you can have with Accolon the next day after the reveal in chapter 4 for any possible reactions/choices to be added!

Huh. I could open the game from different browsers, so it seems like an issue on your end. Do you have any add-ons that could be blocking the page?

In what sense do you mean? Are you unable to open the game at all, or does something happen while playing? Are you receiving any error messages?

Yes, I must have missed it during editing! Thank you, I'll get it fixed as soon as I can!

Thank you! I tweaked with the conversation with Nimue in chapter 1 and completely forgot it got referenced later :) Made the edit, will update the demo with it soon!

You mean, delay between selecting a choice and the next page being loaded? I'm not having any issues with it and I haven't had other players report on it, so it doesn't sound like a game-specific problem.

Thank you so much! ❤ And yeah, Morgana's intended to be a tragic villain 👀

Huh... I'll look over it and try to replicate the bug, see what's wrong!

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Sounds like a bug! Edit: Code looked fine initially but someone else also pointed out the issue, will get it fixed soon.

It's not; the end of the demo is always marked clearly so people know whether text cutting of is normal or a bug. 

Are you playing with an old save perhaps? Just to get that possibility out of the way. Additionally: were Arthur and Gawain invited to the birthday?

Just cleaning up the description a bit; whenever there's an important demo update there'll be a development log for it.

I know the tag line says "be a villain or a hero" but honestly it's a gross oversimplification of the paths you'll be able to explore, and all the gray areas in between. Besides, I wouldn't say there's a certain way to best enjoy the game - I'm putting effort in all routes and options and alternatives so that any way you play you get a satisfying experience.

At this point in the demo, anyway, Mordred's not a "hero" or "villain" or anything else but a kid growing up, and it's up to you how you want to shape them.

Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "prophecy route"? Mordred, regardless of how you play, is born under an ominous prophecy made by Merlin. That's all routes :) How that actually unfolds, we'll see.

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Thank you! Chapter 4 will come out publicly in a couple months. I'm hoping March but I don't know for sure yet, sorry!

I'll try to add a downloadable version with the next update!

Thank you! The issue was reported and I was hoping the patch I made fixed it. I'll take a look over the code again!

Yes, the finished game will be available to download. Each book will be a different game and you'll be able to import data from the previous instalment.

Hi! Not at the moment, sorry!

Hope this helps:

Thank you! Well, that scene is specifically written to evoke a tabletop rpg - I've also jokingly referred to the scene as a kind of DnD session, BOC-style. It's just one of the type of games they have in-universe. Plus, the words used there aren't a lot more modern than other words used in the game.

Thank you!! For trans/nb Mordreds: yes, there'll be different opportunities for Mordred to figure it out later!

It's today! The update is up right now :)

Aahh I'm sorry to have got your hopes up, but I only edited the game's description. The update is coming in November/December.

I don't know for sure, hoping to post the rest of chapter 3 sometimes in November! The game is currently receiving updates on the Patreon/Kofi demo (I've added details and links on the game's page here and in my bio for anyone interested). At the moment, the Patreon/Kofi demo contains a new Galahad scene,  the intro of a new character (and more!), as well as general edits, small new additions, some new aesthetics.