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A member registered Nov 13, 2020

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this is like the hyper obelix of games


my honest opinion:
its not perfect, but its close to it

it has the difficulty of celeste, it has the platforming of mario, its amazing

it can get really difficult sometimes but when it clicks you feel great, im glad that there is more than it seems to have, its great. 

as of writing this, i dont have 100% but im gonna work towards it now that i have gotten the true TRUE ending. 

post-game spoilers:

mariobama mode is GREAT. it makes you feel like mariobama, it just fits, you couldve obviously just made it reskinned ceda, but you went through and changed so much in the mode. the love put into this game is clear as hell, thanks for making it

your comments make me puke

didnt work for me. ill just try to put all the files in the mod folder outside any other and then put it away after im done

this character seems really interesting, i tried loading it like a file with the name "rat", it didnt work. what name should i use for it to work?