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Is this game still alive? I love it.

ill pay for it

I LOVE the UPDATE!!, the only thing i would switch is prolly the pistol be put back to infinite or at least a lot longer b4 it overheats, and maybe more cover in rooms other than that everything is on par.


Can you email me a copy I can test bugs? If not I totally understand I just love your game.

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dood please sign off, im sorry but just because the game is hard for YOU doesnt mean it needs to be made easier to cater to your needs. Cmon dood if he made this game easier it would not be fun. And the game is not unplayable just cause you suck. NotDead dont listen to this noob you have a great game DONT change it keep going forward.

Who else made an account just to post on this one game. Lol Cause I did.

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YES! I want new levels. You should consider and easy make your own level thing where we snap together rooms and have a list of furnitures and asthetics, npcs.. etc to add to each room chunk, I could see awomse levels being made and that would help you out too cause ppl would essentially make levels for you so the game would always be interesting. Either way this game is still amazing and looking forward to update keep us posted.

Your awsome dood, this game is amazing and wish you the best.

Also love the reloading mechanics on the new gun, love the realism putting a clip in, honestly wouldnt mind that for the pistol as well. It makes the game much more tactical like that, hiding behind a wall trying to slip your clip into your gun before the next guy shows his face, amazing.

This is my absolute favorite game for the vive, I really think the if you added a simple way to create your own maps like just grid based we select premade and stuff or you could have a tool for people to make their own maps, models, all types of things. I see ppl remodeling the game to look like doom, cool halo models, all types of things that would make this game a must have and you could do a full release and i would definatley pay money for that. I would pay alot to have a game like this with mod support and a good dev base adding stuff like you have.