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Hello, I have played the game (just finished it now). I'm here to say it's an amazing work, please keep it up! I loved the sprites from the characters (not gonna lie, I wished the entire game was with that beautiful art haha) and every character looks amazing.

Music is amazing, the feeling of a challenging game and the song works perfectly together.

Graphics: Art is awesome, i love the simple graphics of the game, it's what make this game unique i think, keep up the good job.

Gameplay: The difficult is fair, for me. But the last boss on the demo looks a little too random when she uses the double cast ability. I died so many times because I used Block on the first two, and then she explodes the earth two times dealing 55 more damage on two hits (with is an instant death).  The movement seems a little too heavy, sometimes I press the button for a little and the character walks one more step than i want (not a real problem but sometimes that makes me go to a different screen and fight someone or activate a cutscene). The status looks a little messy when you try to understand it on the first time, I finished the demo and I still don't know what some status are or what are their purpose :P  Also, it's good to put an advice on the commands (when you start the game) or use the dinosaur to explain you can press S to save, because I only know that after seen someone asking on this site.  I didn't saw any bugs in the game, only the movement who looks a little weird like I said, and one of the bosses from the demo who looks really random, I like the difficult but the entire battle after the sword dies is a RNG thing. I saw on prints of the game that the color of her clothes can change, but I tried many different items from the demo and the color was still green, is that something about the status ? (you should explain that if it's the case :3) just changing the equips can change the color? that didn't work for me, or it's just not showed on the demo, but it's ok.

Suggestion: A better explanation on the status/buffs and debuffs would be amazing.

Inventory and equips are simple to navigate, and the items are well explained for me.

The map is not confusing at all, someone like me who love to walk around, talk to every single snowman, block of ice, NPC, etc... Its really fun to see all those dialogues in so different ways. By the way I don't know if it was on purpose but I feel a reference on "Sullyvan" from the monsters S.A movie, I can be wrong but it's the same name and in a factory, come on xD.

Well that's it, i'll definitely recommend this game to my friends. Please tell me you gonna launch this game on steam, i'm will be happy to write a full review on steam when the game releases. Keep up the good work, love the art and the game ❤.