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Seems so relaxing..!! Who may I credit for this lovely relaxcape? :)

I wish there were pictures or a video even of the game play itself! 

Hi Eren! I hope you have found your way to our discord ( Game-Set-Quanta)! There we'll help people with teaming up during the event and offer also dedicated channels and mentors for the teams! It'll also be THE place to follow things happening during the jam :smirk: 

Glad to have you with us, your portfolio seems intense :star_struck: 

A really enjoyable mini-game! I lost track of time while playing, so not actually that sure, if it counts as a "mini"... But that is usually a good sign in a game, right? :D

Haha, those cat figures were suitably insane looking for following me!

Did you implement this also on the arcade platform you have developed? 

Haha! This was both pretty and kinda fun, through I succeeded better by randomly blasting through than when I was trying to concentrate on the qubits, their locations and gate positions :D 

Is it possible to see a video of the playthrough?

Could you present us with a game play video, please? 😍

Oh no, and I'm ...hooked 🤭😁

Haha, I really enjoyed the game! Does it use a random number generator to determine whether a stone is 'evil' or not? How does the torch affect this mechanic?

You had me at "I have no idea how those values get formed, but try your best!" -- now I NEED to get through this :,D

This was an idea I had some two years ago before a quantum game jam, but the opportunity to develop it came only just now :)

Note: The game requires this: 
Hopefully I'll find time at some point to make a version 2.0, possibly one day also a webGL version!

oh my gosh I love this :D

Really love the atmosphere you guys have created here! Will share this :)