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I'd love to use this in my school technology lab, but the NYC schools have blocked Is there a Mad download? 


Hi, Adam,

My executive superintendent would like to talk to you about using Jaxi in NYC schools. If you'll give me your e-mail, I'll put you in touch with her.



Hi, Adam,

I actually figured out Level 10 since writing you, but I'll check out this document. Thanks!


Hi, Adam!

Actually figured most of this out and am loving it, but have a question about Level 10. I can easily put out the first three snowballs, but when I try to run to the bottom floor to run across to the other side, it doesn't work. 

Specifically, run(-5) gets me to the ground, but then the robot collapses before it can execute the run(5) command after it. What am I doing wrong? How do I get to the other end of the screen? 

Thanks, and you can write if you wish.


Just trying again. Please write

I like your game, but for some reason on Level 2 I can't change the number of iterations in the loop from 3 to 4. What am I doing wrong?

Just found out this is a Big Sur mac Os issue, but I'm not having much luck fixing it in Terminal. Thanks.

Downloading for Mac but it's telling me that I have to contact my network administrator even though I have admin access. Tried hitting control and click to open, but no luck. What else can I do? Please write

Awesome! Do you have a downloadable version for Mac?

This is awesome! I'm an NYC schoolteacher and I'm glad to promote this to my superintendent, whom I'm helping to create new STEM programs for.

I just need to know how to start from the story again. I accidentally skipped past it and can't view it now. Also, how do you delete players?

Just trying again. If anyone can please tell me why the introduction isn't finishing, that would be great. Thanks!

Hi, there,

I'm trying to play your demo but it won't let me complete the Introbot. It does nothing after I select the first three commands. 

What am I doing wrong? Please write



Hi, I'm a teacher who would like to use this in schools. Would you give me a free DRM in exchange for promoting you in NYC? Write

Hi, I'm a teacher who would like to use Baba in schools and help promote it in NYC. Would you consider giving me a free DRM in exchange for promotion? Write Thanks.


For some reason, my demo download won't open and it quits unexepectedly. I also tried the Steam version, but cant finish Introbot's introduction. What am I doing wrong? Please write 



I'd like to see a video of this game.