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sicc game dude 

a unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter, 10−10 meter, used mainly to express wavelengths and interatomic distances.

This is late but thank you so much! 

aw thank you!! It could use more work but I'm glad u like it

I really really enjoyed this game!! The mechanics are so fun and really reflects the concept well.  It would be fun if your mom goes "what?" if you don't text anything coherent and then the player has to try again and again until they get it somewhat right. It'll make a bit more sense because sometimes I just sent gibberish and mom just... understood. But yeah! great game!! 

Thank u for the feedback!! and yeah, I agree that using Arial wasnt the best choice for the UI, but if i had more time to work on it, I would totally take your advice and make a clock!

oh wow thanks for the great feedback! first of all I'm so glad you enjoy this little game!! I will be trying to fix some of the bugs and make improvements but it cannot be guaranteed due to my dying interest in this project. Some of the stuff you mentioned (like flipping the flowers and a trash can to remove the flowers) are sort of in-progress already so hopefully I'll get them in soon!