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aw thank you!! It could use more work but I'm glad u like it

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My prompt was "You were reading a book quietly at a cafe when someone passed you a note."  At first, I wasn't sure how to fit your conventional cafe into the themes of loderunner. Why would an enemy start to chase you down out of nowhere? So, I decided that the setting would be an old and creepy book cafe and a ghost passed you a note that they wanted your books. Now you have to find your book friends and save them from the ghost. It's not the most cohesive story, but it made for a cozy and fantastical visual style with lots of warm colors. 

The most enjoyable part about working on the final project was making the character animations and concept. The least enjoyable part was the requirement to make 2 different concepts because I sorta knew what I wanted to do already. I wish I spent more time on the final touches of the game such as the lighting, tiles and title screen. Even the chance to slap a post-processing filter on the game would've made it look really finished. password nyu password nyu

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idle and action sprites combined:

fixed bois

Thank you jenny!! I will definitely fix breb up 

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idle animations: 

action animations: 

boop boop

I really really enjoyed this game!! The mechanics are so fun and really reflects the concept well.  It would be fun if your mom goes "what?" if you don't text anything coherent and then the player has to try again and again until they get it somewhat right. It'll make a bit more sense because sometimes I just sent gibberish and mom just... understood. But yeah! great game!! 

Thank u for the feedback!! and yeah, I agree that using Arial wasnt the best choice for the UI, but if i had more time to work on it, I would totally take your advice and make a clock!

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normal walk cycle

cold walk cycle

Normal walk cycle

big mood

Elizabeth HW5: 

HW4 Elizabeth Yuan

Without hair:

With some hair extremes that I didnt finish animating: 

HW3 Elizabeth Yuan

Elizabeth Yuan 

HW2: Elizabeth Yuan

HERE is the documentation on process.

HW1: Storyboard by Elizabeth Yuan


  1. introduce cockatiel resting on swing
  2. zoom in (cockatiel is snoozin)
  3. a hand slowly appears from the right corner
  4. zoom in on the finger as it approaches the head of the cockatiel
  5. finger presses the cockatiel's cheek
  6. zoom out, cockatiel is surrounded by flames
  7. zoom in to cocktiels arms/wings 
  8. arms/wings grow out into big human arms
  9. cocktiel reaches its final form


  • 1-2: moment to moment
  • 2-3: action to action 
  • 3-4: moment to moment
  • 4-5: action to action
  • 5-6: action to action 
  • 6-7: action to action
  • 7-8: action to action 
  • 8-9:  action to action 

oh wow thanks for the great feedback! first of all I'm so glad you enjoy this little game!! I will be trying to fix some of the bugs and make improvements but it cannot be guaranteed due to my dying interest in this project. Some of the stuff you mentioned (like flipping the flowers and a trash can to remove the flowers) are sort of in-progress already so hopefully I'll get them in soon!