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I think it was "You need a source of heat" when I had the powder, but when I didn't, it was "A magical lit candle"

I did all of that, and if I click on just the candle with nothing, it's lit, but with the bowl it just doesn't work.

Okay so I got to the very last bit before the handle, but it refuses to let me heat it. Every time I try to interact with it while having the powder in the bowl, it just won't let me. I know it's lit, but why won't it act like it? (side note: not meant to be an attack on developer, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I checked the walk-through and it says I'm doing it right, but it won't let me heat it?)

Found it, thank you so much, I feel like such an idiot, thank you. Wrong room, whoops-

I looked, and I've gone through the wbheanyf but I can't find anything. I put my face about an inch from the screen to look for a link, but nothing. I feel so stupid,  but I can't find it for the life of me.

I also used ROT13 to conceal spoilers, but I can't figure out the hecking oyhr nonphf and it's driving me insane!

Wow, I managed to get Escape Room Master, I feel important.(lol, it's just because I play FAR too many escape video games)🤫

Um I cant use audio either, and this is someone pointing out something you could improve or a new mode, not someone asking for a feature exclusively for them.

"Come closer" Yeah, how about no?

level 301,  coins 611.