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i've been waiting for this dlc for YEARS. my love for derek has only grown stronger over that time. so excited to figure out everything he has to offer. 

i remember when the first our life game was just a demo. so excited to see this one when it comes out, no matter how long it takes! enjoying the derek dlc while we wait. :)

i doubt the devs still respond to questions on this game (as it is 4+ years old), but i truly cannot get ending 4. i've tried every tip but nothing works. i always end up with 1/2. 

i wasn't expecting the theme of depression that it dove into, but it was wonderful. the metaphor of the pot and everything was so incredible. not to mention the music and beautiful art. 

how haruka's transness is handled is heart-melting. it's so sweet, and how yuki wants to be friends with her regardless of who she is is so sweet. 

also, mordag's hometown reminds me a lot of savannah. like, the image looks so much like savannah and the descriptions scream savannah

yeah, i've been playing since the demo so i wasn't worried about that. thanks for the help, though. 

wish artemis was real so bad i have a big fat crush on them


i keep trying to open both this game and beginnings and always but both say "the classic environment is no longer supported".  i have a MacBook Pro, btw. I'd really like to play. :(

o. m. g! i'm in love with all these chars! they all have distinct personalities without feeling like copies or blending into each other. it's honestly hard to pick a favorite! malketh is a sweetheart. she reminds me of my grandma. :)

gosh, is this hand-painted????


how do you even get will's good ending

i have tried so many times and cannot seem to get will's good ending?

only critique is that it frequently has error messages. i haven't been able to get very far because of that :(

thank you! 

sorry to comment again, but does anyone have an idea as to what song arvo plays? it's oddly familiar to me. 

what routes have been completed (or added) so far? i can't seem to find out and don't wanna go for someone unattainable. 

i LOVE these lesbians. especially spica because bifauxnens are super neat. 

can i ask what all the canonical ships are? i know some of em were implied but weren't cleared up! also, this series was really great! thanks for making such a great series. :D   

ah, my favorite feature, gay. but besides that, i really enjoyed the battle live series! these games deserve a lot more traction. taiga is definitely my favorite. thanks for making such a great story. 

I'm not the game creator but I've read elsewhere that it has. 

hello! im wondering if olive is nonbinary? they always use they/them so I'm curious.

hey! how many endings are there?