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Thank you so much!! I attempted a lot of things I wasn't used to writing at all, so I'm really really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience. The children's drawings are one of my favorite parts too, the different artists gave the kids so much personality that I couldn't have achieved just on my own.

[screaming noises in the distance because aaaaaaaaa I loved Robot Daycare so much and I'll really have to check out your other games too]

Thank you so much for playing & commenting! I've always loved cute art being used to explore deeper themes, so Doki Doki is a super iconic game for me and definitely among my top inspirations to get back into VN development.

Right now it's still too early to say when it'll happen, but the sequel bait at the end does mean I'm actively planning more games in this 'series.' ^__^

Much appreciated, thanks so much! :D

I just finished the game - went for the good ending and then tried a few of the other dialogue options, but they broke my heart before even getting to the end. I got really, really attached to the "family." ; v;

Absolutely loved the entire experience; especially the humor, the characters and small things like the dialogue blips and UI design. Nano is the most wholesome thing in the world, becoming a robot parent for this journey made my day.

Thanks so much for this wonderful submission to NaNoRenO!

Congrats on finishing NaNoRenO!

I've been looking forward to this because of the fantastic art, and now that I've played it, I'm in love with the whimsical setting and characters too. Bunnie and Marion are my favorites, but they're all just insanely precious and the art direction really brings out their personalities and interactions super well!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this, I got four endings so far and am planning on trying to get the others as well. Count me in for the extended version!