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Thanks! FYI the crashes are happening again. 

I'm enjoying this game a lot -- but I'm on Sept. 10 of the first year and the game has crashed 5 times, especially when I go to the beach. It's frustrating having to start days over all the time! Do I need to download an update or something to stop this from happening? 

Hi, I LOVE this game! Only one question: is it possible to make something within the game that would let me adjust sound volume / toggle it on and off? It defaults to very loud, so I have to lower the sound on my computer as a whole and miss other notifications against the music. [Seriously, though, wonderful game!]

oooooooooh interesting. Will go back, thanks!

Level 20 is unsolvable as is -- at the intersection of the sums 11 and 18, the only two options are 9/2 and 8/3 -- there is only one 9 so that doesn't fit without duplicating numbers in the top row, and if 8/3 is used, there is not a third 3 in the bank to make the 6 sum work at the right.