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Liz Aardt

A member registered Oct 29, 2016

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You are very welcome ! Thanks for taking my through into account ! And yay, update \o/

I really liked the demo, can't wait to see more of the game!

Two things about your itch page through.. - where is the "yuri" tag? - I don't really get your "next update" thingy. Was it updated Sunday, or was the update delayed? Actually, could you please use version number? It's way easier to track when something is updated when a date/version number appear in the file name.

Oh, thanks for your offer ! I'm assuming your game is updated on gamejolt too, so the download in itself is not really an issue. If the gaùe is outdated on gamejolt then... I'll take on your offer !

I'm actually more concerned about other people who want to try your game, and are in the same situation as me. They'll :
1) can't find a downloading link on the main game page
2) can't download the game with the download button provided on all of your update pages.

Out of curiosity, are you able to download your game, using a web brower and that link : (which is the one I find when checking any of the aforementioned download link) ?

Hey, thanks for the answer (and the tags !)

I'm sorry to say, but I'm still unable to download the game from itch (in a browser)
- the download redirect to ; which is simply the game page, with no download starting (btw, I'm using firefox)
- Also, I still can't find a download link on the main page, I have to check some of the news to have a "download now" button.

Sorry for bringing bad news... And It's great t ear you'll polish your game as much as it can be :)

- if this game is released for the yuri jam, shouldn't it have a "yuri" tag ?

- I'm unable to download the game since it was updated (the download buttons direct me to the page ; which give an error 404). Btw I'm using the website.

- Still about downloads, it's somewhat annoying to not have a download link to the main game page.

That being said, your project looks (and the first demo was) interesting. Good luck with it :)