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Si te interesa algo del arte es casi todo de internet con licencias cc-by así que si te gustaría usarlo en algún proyecto tuyo tienes todos los links en la descripción del juego.

con wasd te mueves y simplemente tienes que conseguir coger todas las manzanas del nivel, pero cuidado, si el contador de manzanas es par pierdes vida a cada paso así que mide bien tus movimientos.

Pues no soy el único que se lo ha tomado literal xd

Si te gusta la forma en la que la he usado patoverde también ha pensado lo mismo spam aqui UwU:

Awwwww, that's beautiful, thank you so much :D

Kinda chill, the first one I actually finished since now, great job :D

Quick tutorial:

1.Choose what to do 

2.Choose on who do it 

3.Do it

1. with wasd you choose what to do, in the first combat you only can use a

2. With w and s you can move the arrow and with space you choose the enemy or ally with the arrow as your target

3. when you are attacking press the button of the attack you choosed to hit the enemy once.

I'd liked to script more the fights to be more intuitive but I did it the best I can in the jam span. Thinking of that maybe I should remove the time limit to attack and let the player try things, maybe I can patch it for tomorrow, I'll try it.

Susan best waifu

I know, that's why I don't wanna add it, you have to play all the time as if you are gonna die next hit, I think it's exciting, what I'd have liked to add is different idle animations that change with your health, make the main character look exhausted when you lost half of your lives and even more, maybe nervous or taking a break and sitting down, when you are almost died.

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Thx! I think too I probably should continue with this, but if I wanna make something bigger I gotta change a lot of things of how it is now and I like it as it is for my first game, but maybe in a future I start another rougelike using this as a base idk, but as a project with time, it seems like jams are funny but kinda draining, anyways if I do something else I'll share it in minijam disc, thanks again for the feedback :D

Totally agree, it's just a good game it should be more than just a 3 days jam

Cool game, the graphics and sound are wholesome, I struggled at first a little with the gameplay but I get I how it works in a couple of tries, cool game,

Idk if I'm the only one but I get dizzy with the background of the final boss, it's sad because I like it >.<

Really funny, when you start playing the music glitches a bit but for a 3 days jam I have nothing bad to say, nice job :D

Thx :D I'd liked to add a few sound effects but I had no time, (I don't even know how sound effects work in unity, I've learned all in the way XD) if I have time I'm gonna fix and pollish what I can of this game, otherwise I'm just gonna be more careful with the timing for the next game.