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Adding power-ups should be pretty simple. I will try to add them soon. Bosses will take longer to do. 

In the meantime, I've just pushed an update, adding up down animations to the latest 7 ships. Cheers.

Hey just a heads up. Added a new update with up down animations to the latest 7 ships. Cheers. 

I'm working on adding animation (moving up and down) to the latest 7 ships I added not too long ago. Left 1 more ship to go. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I see what I can do.

Thank you!

Yes they are. 

Thank you for your support! Sure no problems.

I do have plans to add animation to them but might take me a while. Perhaps I can try adding animation to the newer ships first.

Hi LloydNebulon. No, they do not.  

Welcome! :)

Hello. It's definitely something I can look into making but wouldn't be anytime soon. Thank you for bringing this up. 

Thank you!

Hi, I have not made a game with these assets yet myself

Replied to your email :)

Thank you!

Nice! Thanks for sharing

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Hi Mike. Unfortunately I don't. For pixel art you can easily enlarge them without losing any details by using graphic editing software like Photoshop or you can also scale them up by multiples of 2 using the game engine.

Hi sorry for the late reply.  The background size is 320 x 200. Average building sizes are around 60 x 100.

Yikes! Thank you for pointing that out. I will update that screenshot to be more accurate. 

The sale will be on by next week (23rd November)

Sorry, unfortunately I can't do that. Do look forward to the sale as all my assets will be discounted. :)

Yeap will be having a Black Friday sale soon

That would be awesome :) and thank you for your support.

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In the enemies sprite pack, there are 5 types of enemies, each type consists of 6 unique designs (which brings it to a total of 30).

Edit: My apologies. I have to edit my comment since I didn't realised I was replying to my pixel-sidescroller pack. Currently this is the only pack for sidescroller, the others are for top-down shooters. I'm still working on adding more ships / enemies to this pack.

Thank you! Looking forward to it :)

Awesome! Thank you :)

Great! Looking forward to seeing it :)

Hi Sun5022. Sure no problems. Go ahead :) 

Thank you for buying my game asset :)

Sure. Would love to see it. 

Send me an email over at dylestorm [at] gmail dot com. Let see if we can work something out. 

Welcome. Would love to see what you have done with the gamejam :)

Thank you! My assets can be used for both commercial and non commercial products. As for the palette I used this one with a few mix of my own

I seem to have made a mistake in the pricing for this asset pack. Those of you who managed to get it before the price change, enjoy :)

Thank you!

Thank you. Animated items is something to consider about :)

Hi ZeroStatic. Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you that the projectiles for this pack are lackluster. Will definitely add in more projectiles variations in the near future. Cheers :)

Hi edusword. Thank you and sorry for the late reply. I did release a new pack that contains tilt animations and I'm still working on adding new ships. For this current pack, I wouldn't be able to add animation to the ships without increasing the cost as it will take quite a bit of time and effort, especially with the amount of ships.  Therefore I decided to keep this pack simple and at a low price. Cheers. 

Hi wifflewapple. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice you posted a comment. Yes I do actually. Feel free to email me here : dylestorm [at] gmail dot com. 

Hi Haykys

Thank you for the nice feedback. You can email me over at dylestorm [ at ]