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Sure thing!

Thanks for letting me know. Will fix it in the next update. Cheers!

That's weird. I wonder if Itch changed something to the payment system. 

Is there some kind of an error during checkout?

Been meaning to work on it. Hopefully soon. 


Not in the immediate future. 


Thank you!

No it doesn't. The red space background I created isn't tiled so can't be used as a scrolling scene.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much!


Yes the bullets are good for enemies to use. 

Hi. Do you mean using the player bullets on enemies? It should. 

Hi Bojan. Thanks for your feedback. I will adjust the colors accordingly in the next update :)

Hi,  I enabled the previous version to download. Let me know if it works. I will add the old ones back in the next update. 

Welcome :)

Link is working~

Thanks! I just updated the asset with 6 new sprites last month :)

Ah ok. My apologies for the misunderstanding. I used to do custom ship designs in the past but due to my current schedule it's no longer possible. 

Hi. If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to create a ship by mixing and matching various parts (cockpit, wings, body etc) to create a new design? Unfortunately it isn't possible with this asset pack as the ships are made whole due to the animations. 

However feel free to modify them to suit your needs. 

And thanks for your suggestions on adding backgrounds.

Welcome! :)

Will do. Thanks!

Oh wow! Thank you so much!

Thanks! Bosses are definitely the highest requested asset at the moment. Hopefully I can work them out soon.

I have plans but wouldn't be complete anytime soon. 

Hi, I have yet to create any boss or backgrounds for the top-down view.

Do you mean the sidescroller ships?


I might consider adding that in the future but not at the moment sorry. 

Welcome :)


Added the large explosion sprite animation in the latest update. 

Most likely I will work on the explosions next week. I want to add in at least 2 large explosion types. 

Thanks for the bosses suggestions :)

Just pushed a quick update, 1.5.1. Includes the space background and some asteroids.

Do note that the background isn't tiled. My next update plan is to add some proper backgrounds.

Hi are you referring to the blue space background?

Oh man I wished I found your add-on earlier. It was hell (at least for me) to slice up sprites using Photoshop. Your toolbar just made things so much easier!

Sure I can try to work something out. Thanks for the suggestion.

You mean like a large explosion?