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I just finished Fritzgeralt's route. Oh my god that was cute.

That was insanely sad and cute. It was adorable. It was the cutest thing I've seen and read in my life. Comforts my broken heart. Just had to make me cry, didn't you? Thank you very much, still

I recommend this story, I hope you all find your knights, or if you've lost yours, I hope you recover and love&live again.

This is a very well made game, and story. Art is also magnificent. I'm very

very impressed

I liked the "magic" theme quite a lot though. The one that plays when Delora curses princess, and it plays when there's a memory of princess and her mother. sometimes I just start up the game and let it run with the song. Any way I can find the actual thing? Music box is great. On a side note I quite liked Eme's character. She's so lovely I'd have her as a sister!

I'd comment more...but I haven't finished it yet lol! Thanks for the marvelous artpiece.

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Oh my goodness. And I mean, OH MY GOODNESS. This is by far, the most realistic VN I've come across. Not to mention that it's absolutely beautiful, especially Noah but I mainly like Noah because of his wolfish attitude. Other characters as well, Emry for exapmle, are quite impressive. Except that..I didn't really expect Em to be a softhearted right hand, really. The first time I saw him I thought that he'd be one of those people who are rather serious and have little time for trifle. But that's besides the point, this is a demo and I don't quite know whether that is Em's true self or not. And there comes my favorite..the Ambassador. She looks like the definition of a woman in her late twenties/early thirties with a casual personality. The Ambassador is my favorite because her character seems quite realistic. Greyson's looking pretty good but he's also weird because his head looks undersized. Did I mention how I like the music? It sounds pretty nice.

But mainly, what makes this demo most impressive is that you can determine the character's traits. Not just her name. The choices aren't just half-hearted choices. They have variety since the player is allowed to choose pretty much all of the Princess' traits, that's so cool. But often people don't do things like this because that means a big story, it's hard to write and it takes a lot of your time. And to be honest, the narration and the story itself in this game- being a princess and all- and punishing people, (Looking at you, Stepsister) seems all so realistic. I'm not saying, "omg, this is so relatable, happens every time in mah teen laifu," I'm saying that the way we punished our stepsister is actually something that could happen in times like those. You know, the kingdoms era. And I'm *very* impressed by this. As a fellow storywriter I know that the writer(s) might be going through the lack of inspiration. Ohgodno. I wish you the most of fulfillment and most of inspiring experiences and am looking forward to the full story. Very well done, Agashi.

And I'm not even going to go through simple suggestions because I am sure that if developer(s) are able to make a demo like this, they already know what to plant next.


I just found about this visual novel demo, and I have to say it's amazing. Art is very good. Especially the music! Love the music! Small things I'd like to report, however, are... just itsy bitsy things I happened to notice. And yes, I DO know this is a demo, and that the game isn't done yet, but I'm just going to say this. Minor stuff to consider. First is, what I noticed about Vinette's posture. By posture, I mean how she's standing. At certain points, her posture looks as if she needs to pee or she's scared, while her expression denies both that she needs to take a good piss or that she's scared. Then again, this is just something that I'm reporting from a reader's perspective. It's not something too major, just that it looks unnatural. Another thing I notice is, Val's hair. The bouncer girl. Her flocks, too, look quite unnatural. Bent in strange ways, popping from here and there, looking as if she'd been electrocuted. Again, minor thing I noticed that just looks unnatural. Another thing is, fancy text. I've seen some VN devs with fancy text who haven't paid a lot attention to readability. Yes, the font is quite good, but it'd be a good addition to remember to add a choice for normal serif text on Settings in the future. Another thing, I noticed that at times when a character has a long sentence to say, the text sometimes overrides the border. This could be "fixed" by enlarging the blood-themed text border by a few pixels. I hope you the best of days and I've enjoyed this demo quite a lot! \o/