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ah, makes sense

Ok, cool. I would suggest you email them, it took me 15 minutes and they got back to me within 1.5 hours.

I have a question, did you edit your page through CSS?

Thanks man!

Juicy as usual :)

Ok, I'll do that and add mobile support. Thanks for the feedback!

I fricking hate you Unity WebGL. JUST COOROPERATE!

Didn't adamgyru use this for A Short Hike? Why not add that?


I am now tea master. 

Also WTH

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A few things, my best time is 3.3s because if you beat the game then play again and die it counts that as a full race. Also, more jumps would be cool, and there's one really hard long stretch without a check point. Also, sometimes the camera makes it hard to see the path ahead. Other than that, super cool!

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Here from the video premiere, can't wait to play the game! Looks super fun!

Ah, my bad, thx for telling me!

Nice to see I wasn't the only one who thought to do farming :)

Yeah, I plan on doing that in the future


Awesome game, I'm speechless

This is insane dude! 


Yup, had lots of trouble with the pixel perfect camera

Actually really good for a first game, although there's the obvious, it's a little too easy, maybe if there were powerups and different enemies it would be better. But also you should center the time text at the top, it keeps jittering around. Overall a pretty fun game, hope to see it updated some time

I just found out that you can open multiple goose files


Thanks for playing! I checked your game out and it is sick!

So, are we just gonna ignore the fact that Joe/Joel just died...

Yeah, I got glitched outa the map too. If you face away from a wall and attack you'll be pushed into it and out of the map

My favorite part is all the names