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Try pressing the W and S keys.

Nice game, I like the vapor wave aesthetic. 

Great game

Nice game, I liked the particle effects 

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Nice game. Some things I noticed: There is a bright white light that appears sometime when looking up and when restarting after death the guns wouldn't shoot. 

Nice game, I felt the power cooldown time was a bit too long 

Couldn't finish it

never mind, it only happens when you play on full screen 

Great game, I liked the pixel art. I think the character moves a bit too fast 

Nice game. I think I found a bug where if you let the rewind box get on your head you get stuck with it.

Thanks, I tried to make the camera snap like in Zelda/ Celeste but it didn't come out as planned 

Great job!

This is nice for a first game, I found it a bit hard tho

Great job. I like the way you implemented the theme. The art looks great.

I couldn't figure out the game. When I click on the grid 'T's appear but they seem to do nothing. The history of the Maruthu brothers was very interesting.

I like the idea of having several mini-games. I found the controls a bit confusing on tile clicker and tile maze.

Nice Idea, the levels felt a bit repetitive tho

Glad you liked it. The rewind mechanic definitely needs more work and the sounds were a last minute add.

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Great job, I love the pixel art. There seem to be a lot of cassette based submissions :)

Very nice.

Very nice. I found the rewind mechanic a bit confusing at first but I got used to it