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This game is more of a visual novel, but regardless, the fantastic depiction of mental illness HURTS from how accurate it is. And all the detail in the art was a great bonus!

This was a fun ride! All the characters have such colorful personalities, and the time system was interesting

I adore how stylized and crisp the art is! Watching how differently Dawn interacts with all the characters (especially depending on your choices) was a treat

This was absolutely adorable! All the cats have great designs and dialogue. A great way to spend a half hour.

Short and sweet, I didn't expect to enjoy playing as a plant so much! I love how things change in the background as the story goes.

I adore the world and the ideas in it! The background characters having little things to say when you walk up to them is a nice touch. Some of the areas, like the bus, did feel a tad too narrow to comfortably navigate, but that's a minor thing. Great job!

Love the aesthetic. I can tell a lot of heart went into this game, and the characterization is beautiful, especially within the short amount of time.

I adore the artwork! The story had a great balance of dark humor and introspection.

Cute little game. The graphics are like gorgeous cut outs, which really gives the game atmosphere

Love the humor in this game. It's short but sweet

I laughed so hard while playing this, you have noo idea! Just the right amount of effort and humor. 

So cute! The concept is fun, and I adore your art. ^_^

Short and sweet! I loved the aesthetic of the game, and seeing how the main character interacts with the guys melts my heart

Just finished the game and wanted to say, it was fun! And having a new game+ with so much extra content was really nice. The art, especially the CGs, were gorgeous. 

What an intriguing game! I especially enjoyed seeing how many different ways my choices affected the hero's mindset. The backgrounds were super nice too. 

Great demo! I was impressed with how many choices there already are. The story has really nice pacing, and I loved the little touches, such as how Sousuke's sprite moved from side to side slightly when he was trying to find a spot to sit in Makoto's store. Take as much time as you need for this wonderful project!

It's a wonderful blend of visual novel and gameplay! The demo was super fun. All of the art is stunning, and the boys themselves are great. I like that Aig has a distinctive personality.