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I improved the performance significantly and overhauled the AI. Also added an "observe" mode to examining the ai.

Version 0.4.0 is out

New in 0.4.0

  1. Performance Improvements
  2.  New game mode: Whipeout
  3.  Music and Sound FX
  4. New structure to the game setup screen

All feedback welcome

Bug Found: Currently the "Library" scroll bar checks for a count of levels, if there are no levels an exception is thrown where the max of the scrollbar is the same as the min. A fix will be coming in 0.2.1 later today.

Quest community · Created a new topic 0.2.X Feedback Thread
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Any feedback, bugs, or discussion involving 0.2.X can go here!

To generate PNG files go to the "Viewer" which is done by clicking the whole map panel in the Library rather than the edit button. On the icon panel at the top right there is a screenshot generator button. Click that and it will save it to the "Quest" directory in your "Documents" directory.

Hi nolw,

  My apologies that this is not clear as of yet. In 0.2.0 I have tooltips coming to make it more clear as well as visual feedback to show it's been saved.

  When you are in the Editor (make sure you click Edit) in the Library, there is a tiny "save" icon on the top right.

  Once you click that you should see a pop-up that enables you to save info. After that, click the "save" button at the bottom of the pop-up. Your changes should be reflected once you go to the Library again.

  Here are screenshots to show the locations:

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Going to put a more detailed update out later this weekend describing what's coming for 0.2.0. As of right now, it won't be ready for the 17th. I finished what I thought would be a fun way to battle and conquer castles but it felt too weak. Working on a much more close-quarters fighting style.

This thread is for anything related to feedback, bugs, or discussion around Version 0.3.0 of BattleRoom.

Quest community · Created a new topic 0.1.0 Feedback Thread

Any feedback, bugs, or discussion involving 0.1.0 can go here!

Love it!

Currently working on Mobs within Castle Battles, where you can "conquer" castles in your map. I really really like the idea of World bosses. I think though, that being able to battle "Beasts" around your worlds is going to be a higher priority at the moment. 

0.2.0 should be ready next weekend (17th of June) and will bring a number of improvements, fixes, and additions!

Thank you for trying it out! Yes, as it's currently only 0.1.0 you can imagine the future is full of more content and features!

My current update is going to include the ability to battle and take over castles and battle beasts. So you will be able to quest in the worlds you build. I also want to include some other elements like villages, methods of transportation, and eventually stores/markets. Can't really commit to a timeline at the moment, but I'm completely open to suggestions!

Seriously, how did you guys get the explosions to on point? What's the trick to amazing explosion sprites? Been a huge fan of your work since Soldat!

Please refer to this to see what changed in all updates from here on out.

10/12/2016 update 1.0.9

- Updated LibGDX

- Decreased download size by 50%

- Set Fullscreen as default graphics setting