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What a cute game! Love the art :)

This was really fun to play!

aaaaAAAAH the music is so sweeeeet I love it ! Your games are all so cute, I'm having a great time. I'm getting emotionnal over all these sweet relationship. Thank you so much 

Oh my god I NEVER expected it to turn the way it did! It was a very nice game! Thank you! <3 

Totally worth ditching everything I was doing to play it. Happy Keanu yaaaay 

Very fun to play with friends! I appreciated being able to choose the commands 

Wow, what an intense experiment! I loved the art, the atmosphere, the story! Thank you so much for this gem!

Thank you for teaching that's it's okay to feel these feels one game at a time. Love your games, love your artworks

WTF I wasn't expecting to be laughing like a whale !!!!! THIS GAME i swear...  Loved it

That was really fun to play! 

I am in love with the art works 

that was so fun ! a must have for a night with your friends! :D

quite fun w/ friends :D

All of my plantgotchis seemed like two faced bitches! Loved them anyways! 

I just love the characters already!!! Can't wait! :)  

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The art is stunning, i loved playing it even if its heartbreaking

This was so cute! I loved the art style! Had lots of fun with the gf :*