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Really loved this! Nice and short. Got a little stuck with the last connection. was a bit difficult to remember who was who. It would have been nice if the panels said. Played Via Humble App Using an xbox controller without issue (except me pressing the wrong buttons). the rotate control info could have come slightly earlier as i was already upsidedown at that point. =p

Really enjoyed it, interesting well made game, would love to play more.
Small quibble is i wish there was a manual save.  I guess it isn't needed with such a short game, but it's nice to have.

Got it in the bundle and just finished it, took aprox 4 hours (three missions). I play alot of murder mystery & point and click style games and this one has some really interesting ideas i would like to see more of. I can easily see the detective part of the game tweeked and used again with another narrative.  
Personally found the tutorial part of first mission too controlling and overly-complicated, i understood more when it just allowed me to play. And got a lil stuck near the end when i wasn't sure what it wanted me to do to get the answer i had already worked out...
Over all it was fun and i would recommend it.