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Little Lioness

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So, I love this game and plan to get many people hooked to it. You are a headliner and a big news company. Your choices actually matter and change the world around you. It touches on subjects that are hard and what people sometimes ignore. I feel like this game is very relevant and reflects our world now.

The graphics are perfect for this game. The characters are unique and more than just another character in the story. You start to really like them. This game also holds nothing back so as always keep yourself safe while playing trigger wise.

I have only played this once but I am excited to find every route there is. It is meant to play multiple times and you can unlock new characters and their story which happily surprised me.

Even though this game is $2.99 on I would easily spend $10-$15 and of course I am going to spread the word.

Thank you creators for this meaningful game and I hope you don't mind me sharing this review in multiple places.

I just started reviewing and your game was the first! I hope that's okay. If not let me know and I will take it down.