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I tried and will try again  to  upload the game to but it will not let me upload a cover photo so I will keep working on that.  I know its probably too early and I know about most of the issues I need to fix but i thought you might enjoy  a little game action! Also let me know what i should add. I'm working on leaderboards and achievements. I have 1 more enemy to add and more vehicles. I was coming up with some other upgrades, like a mini player that you spawn to keep throwing apples. Also i am going to make a platformer  because I love this art!  Here is a link to a build that is not finished.

I Love the new art! I should have something to play this month, probably by next week or so. I am able to focus some time this month! here is where we are.

I would love to be able to add multiple apple types like an explosive apple or a robot apple with matching outfits or hats for the hero. I am thinking of putting the projectile dr. on a car launching apples as he drives by and i still need to add the flying enemy. I am not much of an artist so anything you can add would be amazing! If you can think of something you would like to see in the game i would love to add it!

Love the art! I started working on a little game using the pack. I should have more soon and something to play before too long.