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I find this game to be an interesting mix of flippantness and esoterica pertaining to playing with perception (as either psychological or philosophical slants). In other words, to the viewpoint of the character, what's the difference between their own personal perception being altered manually, or reality being rewritten on a whim? (It's like it's a simulation, but I never go all in on a theory to keep the mystery interesting from the reader POV). 

Oddly, I started playing this game on July 8th (today here), and thought it based the starting date on your computer's clock, which would have been interesting, but nothing wrong with that. 

But also, and most importantly, the foreskins are beautiful, especially Jehu's! 

Will the source of the magic that binds to Labyrinth ever be revealed?

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Why is MinoH (currently) vanilla compared to Orc Breeding? Vanilla in terms of the content presented I mean.