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And finally I replayed all the routes since your game is so great and I couldn't help it... kinda missed Lord Stanton and Captain Blake anyway so lol. Amesbury is a very fun guy, he is unique, I just don't like his 'part-time job' at night lol :P, but it was great route to play, nonetheless! Thank you for the new route and the game! <3 <3

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WHOA! New updates! Amesbury's route! <3 It's a nice surprise because I was away for a long time :')

Thank you very much, you made my day~ :D

I'll post another comment after I played it :D

Found this game in itch.io while browsing for next game to play, and downloaded it right away! Since I recently watched a comedy genre J-dorama with konbini setting so I wanted to play this too lol ( ̄ー ̄). And... I don't regret it because I love this game!! <3 This is only a demo, but it's so funny! I laughed way too much; my brother gave me annoyed look while I was playing it in our living room lol xD The dialogue were funny and cute. The art is excellent! Gosh I love the characters designs, the artist is talented for sure! Each characters has distinct personality. Their bickering and dialogues were the best things happened in this game! Good job for the creator, two thumbs up! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Honestly, the theme used in this game is very relatable for me since I'm feeling the same as Natsumi's feeling nearing my own graduation, even our thoughts are similiar lol, sorry for my random rants (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

Thanks for making this game! \(^O^)/ And I read your replies for other commenters that you'll make it free to play, aaaaah I can't ask for more since I love free game (●≧艸≦) lol~ (so shameless haha)

I'm looking forward for the full game! Sorry if there are some mistakes in my words, English isn't my first language after all~! Ganbatte minna!! ^O^

At first I saw this game on LSF, I immediately wanted to download it, but life kept me busy and finally I downloaded the game and played it. It was amazing! I love this game so much! The story is well-written and the characters are adorable (well, except that one guy, you must know who is it lol). I felt like reading a Jane Austen novel! I really loved the huge amount of choices that the game had given, which each of it determined how the society sees the MC, etc. It's really interesting and I found myself replaying only to see possible outcomes from the choices, since I always chose to be bold and friendly lol.

Although I don't really fond of guys with beard (pls forgive me lol), but Stanton stole my heart away after the first exchange he had with the MC/Sophie. After I played Blake's route, I can't help for falling for him too (blame his appearance, it's definitely my taste lol). Both are my favorites, I can't choose hahaha x'DD

There is one thing I think would make the game better if it added on. I would like if there is a CG Gallery menu to view the already obtained CGs from the route. Since the game has many CGs and I'm one of the completionist who can't rest before every game challenge and achievement is completed, I would love if there is a menu to access all the CGs. And I would love to see the CGs after playing since they're adorable to see (>//<) But it's okay, it was only minor and didn't caused any trouble for me while playing! (^^)

Anyway, thumbs up for the creator, you did a really good job \(^o^)/! Thanks for creating this game! I hope to see more from you in the future, maybe with similiar theme? :3 I would love to play it~!!

Forgive me if there is some mistake in my grammar or wordings... English isn't my first language (--;)

And oh, I didn't realize that I have written a huge block of words... sorry everyone (;A;)

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This game was really fun! I often found myself laughing at Helena and Alex's banter x'D Thanks for creating this funny game! ヽ(*´∇`)ノ

Anyway, I know that nurse was hiding something! xDD She's so creepy lol ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ