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unexpected error, I thought from the summary that this error was fixed in 0.6? why is this happening on 0.81

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My childhood

(nvm not sure about this one)

a man cant just have his spaghetti without random horrors happening

I was just revisiting the original a while back. this is a pleasant surprise.

Octopus Activities

played it on Opera GX. Just only realized it's also on but now I have no idea how to access it on Opera GX again..

is that a one piece reference or just coincidence

cute game i played it on demodisc

am I missing any?

Let me do a little tRollign

The environment, the designs, the whole concept were pretty interesting. the game has a lot of potentials.

the only thing that bothered me right away is how the controls act independently instead of corresponding to the camera, it's not quite intuitive. it would be great if you could change that in my opinion


dunno wut to do


awesome concept

cute art style i love the colored pencils(or crayons?) look it brings me back to my childhood

is this game abandoned?

cute but why does it lag so much ;-:

cool i played both characters


Great work

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This is too much fun until it crashed for memory out of bound ???

*okay it was amazingly fun, crash only happens when playing full screen

fun kill boss

silly yet i loved it so much

cool ass game

The Sonic Mania look is very great


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Fun Yume Nikki type stuff but I would've liked it better if there's any indication where the demo ends, I obtained all 4 forms but unsure if there's any content left.


Short and sweet, the art is really nice. however the game has a handful of errors and crashes. but it was really epic.

super weird and silly videogame


cute n spook

Im happy someone is continuing the legacy of Yume Nikki

good art


Beautiful platformer reminds me of Hollow knight but with way less dark and gloomy

Interesting surreal game

also smbx is awesome

cool concept

good free game