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No problem! Also, keep up the good work with the game! Looking forward to see the loveless route when it's out!

Nope, it's a one-time payment. You'll get the updates with no extra cost

I just wanted to ask, do you guys still have a discord? I wanted to see more people's discussion for this game. I just finished all 4 routes and I really enjoyed them! The story is entralling and I can't wait to read the new story+

this kickstarter isn't even out for half an hour and it looks already well into it's way t be successful! I'm so happy to be able to play this game in the future!

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Hi! I just wanted to ask, how do you get ending P? I think im missing something haha..

edit: ah I figured it out, thank you for making such a nice game!

I like darker stories and I like taboo content in fiction so I am very much looking forward to this in 2-3 weeks time

Hi! I wanted to ask I recently got this game on steam and I noticed there's a walkthrough available under the itch page. I wanted to ask if the walkthrough will also be available on steam?

Thank You!

Oh this is indeed a treat! I am very much looking forward to seeing a bit more of Leo and Iolanthe's life before Thorns of War.  Thank you for your continued hard work!

ooooh that's interesting, can't wait to see this treat!

Also really glad to see the progress for Frederique, it's a bit of an understatement for me to say that I'm looking forward to his route  ^^

the 2nd one has a very unique concept. I choose the 2nd!

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Hey! another reader here. For Bastien's route, I just want to advocate his route and say if you were able to play Guillame's route then you should be able to pull through Bastien's route. Guiilly's route was heavier IMO than Bastien's.

Also, Sir Mathys' route is indeed gonna be on the single route. For the loveless route? it's basically the continuation on the ending in Rose of Segunda where Iolanthe does not romance anyone at Guill's celebration party and basically gets chosen to be the princess by the King in the end.

Congrats on the official release! I'm looking forward to getting the good ending CG!

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Hey I wanted to ask. How do get bad ending 5? It seems I'm a bit stumped for that one 😅 thanks in advance 

So close! looking forward to reading this route in its full glory!

You've been on fire so far! I'm excited and definitely looking forward for Leo's route!

Also that CG is beautiful!


Hi, sorry but I just bought the artbook on steam and it's not showing on the game folder: it's installed but no size amount there:

I'm not sure if you were active on steam thats why im asking here but I hope you can help with this...

That is indeed a lot of content and the fact that there are still 3 more routes just makes me more excited to get this game when it's out!

Neat!! I can't wait to read them all~ I'm gonna re-read Rose of Segunda first before I read all of the POVs. A little refresher doesn't hurt heh!

Oh my oh my I'm definitely looking forward to this Sunday!

Hi I wanted to say that I bought this game in steam because it looked interesting but I did notice somethings that might need to be looked at.

After I installed the game and opened it, I saw it has some gallery pics unlocked (or stuff in the events, places and achievements unlocked). When I went to settings it had an option to reset progress which I did. That seemed to reset it, but I feel it's best to tell you in case it's a universal thing.

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I just finished this game and oh my god it is really amazing. I loved just about every route but I will say Fraser's, Osamu's, Aito's were the ones that stood out the most.

I want to say a lot but I will say I really really hope the possibility of epilogue game ends up happening because I really want to see more of how their relationship in each route after the good ends happens. Especially for Osamu and Fraser.

Edit: still thinking about this game and I really feel so bad for Osamu in his route. I really hope we an know more about what happens to him after his good end.

Again thank you for such a fantastic game!

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Well, I dunno if this will count as spoilers or not but there are no other potential LI in Guil's route aside from him

It would be after Leo's route is out, I'd say.

About 5 routes I'd say including the loveless route as an separate route.

thank you :)

I also want to say I am enjoying this game a lot! I hope more and more people play this game.

I am honestly excited at Frederique's route being next after Leopold's! My favorite character after another favorite! I can't wait!

Leopold's new sprites look nice, thank you for your hard work!

I just want to confirm. If I want to get the bad ending then can I only do the opposite of the final choices?

I'm anticipating the official release for this route! :D

*fingers crossed that Frederique wins the poll*

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Guillaume’s route has shaped up to be a behemoth of a route size-wise, and I feel like I'm repeating myself when I say that I'm excited to check this route out.

I do sincerely hope Leopond's route is much easier for you, along with the remaining other routes.

Also a belated Happy New Years!

Based on what I had seen and based on how much work you are putting in this route, I can tell it will be the best of the 3 released, the anticipation for this route for me is quite strong!

Also, please don't worry about how long it is taking to be released. You are putting so so so much work into this sequel. So much work into this route, I do not think anyone will ever fault you for taking a bit longer (and no one should, in all honesty.) and it makes sense, this is a pretty big route.

Thank you for the update, I hope you are doing well!

Ah that k you for telling me! Gonna replay again soon! 

Oh this is great! Once this is updated in steam this will give a great motivator to replay it again 😁

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Oooh this was such a nice update!

I really liked all of them but i have to say, Charlotte's one was really quite surprising. Maybe because I played it after Frederique's very sweet and wonderful one then bam! Charlotte's one was quite serious in comparison and I liked it. I feel like I am seeing one of the conflicts that might arise in their route.

Then Sofia's extra scenes were touching. I really enjoyed them, as well as Guillaume’s one.

Speaking of Guillaume, I'm looking forward to his route! 

Thanks for the update!

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So...I was initially going to wait until this game is released on Steam before I buy it there but my anticipation got to me and I got the game myself (I will definately replay this game though in Steam because It's that good so far!).I have to say, this game is really in a league above Rose of Segunda, a game I already deeply love. The amount of work and quality the 2 route's writing alone has is simply amazing! And it really has me anticipating (and worried for my faves, heh) for the remaining routes when they are released.

Bastien's route was just as heavy and depressing as the demo made it. I am one of the people who had Bastien as one of my least favourite routes in TROS, but his route really made me pay more attention and appreciate his character so much more. It was painful to see him struggle throughout the route, depressing to know that his father not only regret's his existence but also blames him for his wife's death and that itself caused Bastien so much grief. But it makes his good end all the better especially when he decided to not let people talk him or his relationship with Iolanthe down.

Frankly I was almost guilty to even follow through with the other romance and even the platonic Frederic direction because of how much it hurt to hurt Basien when he was struggling so much but I did and I also enjoyed Pieto's character and the romance it went with it.

Sofia's route...It was something else, it felt more cutthroat and direr than Bastien's but I seriously deeply enjoyed it. The various plots with the nobles where interesting. Also the new characters like Lucette and more of st Rue. God I loved Lucette for what we saw of her.

The main conflict itself was very realistic, it's sad but Sofia's mother never having accepted her daughter as a lesbian because she wants her daughter to be 'normal' is still very common even at our times. I found it hard to have Iolanthe be 'understanding' since I also can understand why she'd be very upset being the one being sligted so badly but alas, I also could't be too angry with Sofia since it's her mother, cutting off family is never easy, especially if you care for them like Sofia does.

Also the whole issue with if you should keep things from Sofia or not. I intentionally hid everything from her first because I wanted the worst outcome over and done with and Oh boy, It was even more painful than Bastien's route because I knew it would come down crashing and it really did. When she was ranting about her father's past actions, how she hated his lying the most out of everything, I knew things where gonna go to hell later on. I felt so bad fo Iolanthe and Sofia.

Now Frederique, god I loved him. In both routes, he is at the very least your most closest confidant and the possible option of him being in a poly relationship with Iolanthe in Sofia's route was just amazing. The way you built up their relationship (if you choose it) was a nice touch, I simply loved it. 

Now for the mother herself. She is quite a character, she is very much a love to hate character to me. She is very interesting and ruthless in a way I can appreciate. But damn, I also heavily dislike her, it's no wonder why Iolanthe and Frederick barely cares for her when she is very blunt in just using them as tools. 

I will say, I am going to be so much more in pain when Frederique's, Leopond's and Charllotte's route (my top 3) are out because I know I will always wanna get the other ends first and the Good/Best end last so....the angst and complications will kill me. But I will enjoy it because you're writing is really great.

Overall, I'm anticipating for the rest and you're doing an amazing job so far!

EDIT: Also I want to add, Poor Francesca. She is truly a pitiful character, I did not end up liking her but I certainly felt more sympathy for her than the 1st game. She got duped in a crappy situation with people looking down on her. That must hurt..

I asked for a refund but unfortunately I am unable to since i bought this way too long for me to get one. Not sure If i can even dispute it. And Even if I do, I also have the same issue of not having the same card I used to but the game...

Oh, that's interesting! And it makes does sense, the dynamic between both of them would really be vastly different depending on how they got married. It even shows on the demo. I'm anticipating it!

I have to say I'm looking forward whenever Guillaume’s route is released. It's one of the routes that has a lot of diverting paths considering there are 3 ways Iolanthe be with him (arrangement, throne only or romance). So i'm definitely curious to the impressions of his route in the future.

Can't wait to see the impressions for Sofia' s route!

I am part of the "wait until it's finished/in steam" camp and I have to say. This sequel is shaping up to be a really big one and I am so excited to see it all play out when I get the chance to play it. I sincerely hope this becomes really really successful. I loved the first game and the sequel looks like it will surpass it big time!