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Amazing game!!! Thank you for making it

This was amazing!! I loved the whole thing!! The sound design is spot on and its so creepy. Thanks for making it.

Another fun game! I really enjoyed it, Thanks for making it.

10/10 More cheese and less macaroni. Thanks for making this!

Felt very much like how I remember Tomb Raider as a kid. Thanks for making this, I loved it.

I felt so nostalgic playing this. As someone who grew up playing Tomb Raider Im very happy with what you have created! Thank you for making this!!

That's what I thought I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Just got done playing this and  I actually liked it. I am curious how many endings there are though as I got two endings. Love the design, spoopy music and concept! Thanks for making this.

Love it!! The art, music, characters, story and gameplay is so perfect. I enjoyed this game and thank you for making it

Love the twist near the end! Very cute, love the music and the dark twist really pulled it together. Art style is perfect.

So cute! Reminds me of my dog who passed on. Thanks for making this.