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This is a neat idea of a risk and reward system where you have to think if you'll get that % chance that you'll lose your money.

Of course since it's a clicker it is repetitive and there isn't really any punishment for losing money but if this was built upon I think it'd be a nice enjoyable junk food experience. 

This is a really fun and cute game with a charming art style.

I love the dialougue and I like the idea of "I need this thing, oh this person told me blah blah blah" and it's done well here despite it being slightly annoying to have to dash back twoards the person then dash back to where you left off.

Also, even when dashing the controls are kind of slow but besides those nitpicks I absolutly adore the game!

I am in love with this concept and I can see this being made into a something more!

The gameplay is repetitive at times but it's still an amazing idea and the game is pretty fun as well!

I hope to see you expand on this in the future.

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I like the concept but I coulden't really see how it was used in the game cause of a puzzle making the game impossble to finish. 

On the second mission it isn't clear how to continue...The arrow thing implies you're suppoused to go up and I couldn't get on it or the "C" platform.

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That was the Intended experience.

I’m so glad you have the money to buy five new laptops in the span of not even a day.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, but may I ask much alcohol  it took?