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what are the controls?

Fuck this game

should be faster paced. it takes to long to get to the fighting sequences and it takes too long to respawn.

Does the Garage button function?

How do I use the food and water materials to heal myself

How do I use the catapult to kill the zombies? I know how to load and shoot it, but do I have to somehow aim the catapult at the zombies to kill them?

Its just fact

thank :)

yeah but some girls have personality and thats hot

I'll keep playing and I'll try to find that epic secret it was talking about. 

I'm sorry my previous comment was so negative. I feel really bad now because I see a potential for a pretty sweet browser game, I just had a good deal of trouble with it. I should not having taken my frustration out on you all though. That was not cool of me to do. I hope you can forgive me.

and sort of like someone I use to know :/

lol who voiced the girl? She sounds hot

Thank you. This experience was something I really, REALLY needed. I'm literally in tears right now(lol, but they are good tears, don't worry). The last scene with the holding hands was my favorite. I miss holding someone's hand cause its so heartwarming and it helps me know that I am okay and safe. My mind has been so stressed lately and I think I've actually started to go mentally insane because of it. But this game just rolled back the dark veil of sorrow for a good 10min. and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my soft, lonely heart. Thank you for this amazing game! :)

tbh I hate this game because I have no clue how to play and its super annoying!!! How the heck are you supposed to control the character! The whole  ''secret" gimmick is honestly so dumb 

After figuring out the controls, I have to just say, wow! What an awesome game. I loved how the developer instituted the use of evidence and deduction methods into the gameplay. I wish there was more.

How do I get past the blank, black screen? There is no tutorial and I'm super confused.