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Play the fixed version here:

Play the fixed version here:

There seems to be a problem loading the game, I'm fixing it right now as of writing this.

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I have a crush on Seiko now, thanks game.

This game has taught me more about parenthood and raising children than my parents and school do.

Mum, can we have Rise of Skywalker?

No dear, we already have Rise of Skywalker at home.

Rise of Skywalker at home:

Of the 10+ songs I've tested this game with, C418's Sweden produces the most consistent effect, anyone reading this should give it a try!

Either way, a very good game with an interesting concept.

Honorable mention: A Hat in Time - Peace and Tranquility, also consistent in effect with the green meadows.

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I was blown away when Adiasis hit me with that reference as though she used the time stop on me instead. It was a very neat touch of JoJo to the game I must say!

Anyways, the game is really well done for a one of a kind RPG that you can play and finish in as little as under half an hour! The art style is really cool, the gameplay is as engaging as it is interesting, and I encountered virtually no bugs throughout the game.

Overall Adiasis is an RPG game but with element creatively squeezed down into pocket size but still retaining an interesting experience for anybody who plays this game!

Would be interested to see what other games you will cook up in the future!

Much regard,

Random bored gamer from the other side of ZA WARUDO!