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most times my flies died was because they flew back ;.;

All the good smol bois lost

I would like multiple difficulties (like easy, normal and hard)

Or directly a "level creator" where with sliders like "starting flies", "slap speed", "slap speed time multiplier" and "fly path randomness" could be edited

But that are really the only things i can cry about :p

The game is nice, will try out your other ones now  ^^

this felt very similar to an old browser escape game.

I forgot the name soo: A lot of moving latters and going through rooms, no camera rotation, looking for 4 rhombus, pond with electrical water beside a box with a 4 number code lock, turning valves

that felt good

I want MORE. I don't care if it follows this story or not because the game concept and your writing skills are super good.

What I think is somewhat funny is that often passwords are less save stored in rl than in LSO. I have somewhere a txt for some...

So not only has it a good story and concept but it shows common human behaviors too and makes her realistic. Please keep that up with errors like opening E-Mail attachments without checking it or the user needs to look up E-Mails from other people in the "to" section of a chainmail.

(i had the article "Top 10 computer mistakes beginners make" from computerhope open)

Maybe it helps as reference for some concepts or ideas:
There is a somewhat similar game but in modern & funny called "The Pizza Situation" where one tries to influence others via chats and looks up stuff on the web. It is about 40% finished and last updated a few years ago.

if you get stuck outside the computer press space

you could run a linux vm on your mac and play it there. then simply use mint as an os, it is one of the easiest from my knowledge. and you can download there.

too short. want more, but at the same time i am happy with what i got

this looks like it could support linux too (video is from 8 years ago so pretty outdated)
but you may used stuff that makes it incompatible or something

strg+win+left key opens another cheat tool

seems for me very unfinished but with some nice aesthetics

First what i like:
- it looks gorgeus
- controls are good, had not read the description so i did not fly

What i think is neutral:
- the eyes look creepy (at least for me), is not really seen in the game so not really a problem
- no story, at least no story i can interpret, maybe add some notes like footprits on walls
- no gameplay exept exploring and looking for worms
- cant identify the white bubbles
- no control sheet (could be like an image or text in an corner of the menu)

What i did not like
- i have two options
    . let grass hit the camera
    . go to a top down perspective where you cant see anything than the ground
    . Possible fixes
        * place the rotate angle of the camera above the duck
        * let grass visually fade in the area of the duck
- the eating mechanic is very unpleasing, when you eat it only takes a small bite and then you have to go back and forth to get your healthbar full.
ONLY when the helthbar is full and you take a bite the worm disappears, even if you had a foll belly from the worm before
What i would like to see is: a wider range of eating, after one bite +50-75% hunger and the worm disappears, respawn of worms
- the mouse disappears completly on the start screen and i had to use tabbing between programs to somehow click on the start button
    . possible fixes
        * somehow show the mouse
        * allow keyboard controls with like the arrow keys and enter to control the menu

I hope you dont feel bad with what i found. i know developing something can be hard and reading a comment where most thinks are "do better this way" displeasuring.
Hope this helps, if you dont like my points you can ignore them freely, i dont know what the game should look like in the end

the game runs on firefox, at least on my add-on packed one. music fits very well withthe gameplay. even tho it has not much content (like all game jam games) the controls are working great and it is very playable

cute little platformer game

maybe you could set up a linux VM whare you run the game

you could download aurora store until the developers check that players want to dodge google. aurora store is like a proxy for the play store, no login and no personal data for google

You could download aurora store. Lets you install Google Play Apps without login. Acts like a proxy. But yes, i would like too that developers post their APKs here too instead of only in the large stores

there a some a genders. they seem male or female but are not. in the upper left corner you can see it clearly