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Oh my gosh. Absolutely love the trampoline! Thank you for the wonderful updates. :)

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Happy Birthday, Edo! I hope that you have a swell day. :)

Woah! Those plants are absolutely gorgeous. Amazing work!

I love this theme! Could there be a Bug Display for the wall? :)

This is going to be such an interesting mini pack! It's looking amazing already. Great job!

I'm using GMS2 as well and this asset is fully compatible and easy to use.  Best of luck!

Aww thank you so much!! I have more content on my Instagram account (link on my profile). Twitter tends to compress videos and remove sound so I don't use it as often.

That's such an adorable plushie!

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Hello~ I'm using this asset in my game, Brookhaven, and thought you'd like to see it. She's in the last screenshot. Thank you for sharing it!

Hello~! I've bought a few of your packs and I love them. I'd absolutely be thrilled if there was a lighthouse for the beach. Are y'all planning on continuing to develop the beach tileset?

Woah! That control room is outstanding. Great work!

I LOVE the wrecked versions !! Amazing job as always~

They're all so lovely!! 

This isn't a request per say, but if you're looking for ideas for the next theme then I had some that would be versatile for a wide-range of game genres. Examples: Church, Hospital, Police Station, Casino, Clothing Store/Mall, or Museum. I'm looking forward to seeing your next theme. Thank you for all your hard work!

I already have. Message me, and I'll direct you to the specific videos. I don't wanna clog up LimeZu's post. ^^;

Thank you - LimeZu is seriously the best! I don't plan on having a demo for my game since Steam gives you up to 2 hours of gameplay to request a refund if you don't like it. I'm currently in the process of making the Steam page, but in the meantime you can follow my game development on Instagram (@brookhaven_official).  :)

Thank you so much!! I tagged you in my Instagram post with the picnic basket. :)

I'm in love with those gaming tables and fancy chairs! It's been amazing seeing how much your art skills have grown over these past few months.  

Side-note: Do you think they could find a picnic basket in the basement somewhere?

Woah now... A house tavern pack?! Looking  forward to it!

Congratulations on your huge achievement!  You're incredibly talented, and I'm so happy to have found your artwork.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I wasn't planning on having lots of kitchen items in my game, but now I have to. This pack is too cute! Thank you so much!!

This kitchen pack is looking amazing! Keep up the good work. :)

I was thinking maybe a bear trap or trapdoor? Also, I really love that falling bookcase. I still need to find a place for it and that hidden vault haha

Those ghosts are adorable (especially the one with the bow)! :)

 Will you be adding any floor traps?

This is so cool!! I love those haunted books, and I can't wait to use them. :)

I absolutely love the voodoo stuff!! 

Yay! These might be odd requests, but I'd love a blood altar, voodoo doll, and more  alchemical circles.

THANKYOU! The witch stuff is really helpful for my game. :)

I LOVE the pentacle and that spell book!!! This pack has amazed me each day. :)

I'm using a few of your asset packs in my game, Brookhaven. They've been incredibly helpful, especially the alchemy pack. Thank you! :)

Love your work! I'm using quite a few of them (animals, fantasy icons, beast tribe, portraits, Atlantis, Christmas, plus others from your patreon) in my game, Brookhaven.

I love this asset pack! I'm using it for my game, Brookhaven.

Hi again! I wanted to share with you the progress I've made with this asset pack. Brookhaven Instagram 

Dev Blog is up!

Thank you! This project is my baby.  I 've only shared it here and with my family/friends since it's still early in development. I'm considering making a dev blog, but I wasn't sure if others would be interested. I'll keep you updated though. :)

I finally got around to adding in the kid stuff to my game. Thanks again! :)

This is my favorite update! Thank you :) 

Thank you! The teddy bears are so cute~

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I look forward to these updates, and I check first thing each morning before working on my own project. If you're looking for future update ideas, then some kids' items (dollhouse, doll, action figures, skateboard, crib) would be adorable and hugely appreciated. Again, thank you!

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They're amazing! I added the hobby items to some of my NPC bedrooms. My game looks a bit rough right now (it's my first game and it's just me working on it), but thought I'd share. Thank you again! :)

Updated with new instruments

Yay! I really appreciate your art. These are just some examples:  instruments (guitar, keyboard, mic, etc), video game consoles, art supplies (canvas,  paint), exercise/sports (dumbbells, soccer ball),  photography,  and woodworking .