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One of the endings can be unlocked by failing the vocab game (unconscionable, I know :P). The final ending is unlocked by playing through all three levels and following your friend's advice. Glad you enjoyed!!

Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment, and I'm really flattered that you want to share the game so much. 

All translations are by submitted by volunteers, so it's understandable there are some mistakes. Please do reach out by email (litrouke at gmail) so we can talk more. I'd be happy to update the game with corrections :)

I'm honored to receive the Mom Stamp of Approval. :) It's really cool she checked it out with you, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks so much :)

Thank you! And I'm glad the Arabic translation was so good :D

The good and bad ending depend on your vocab score, whereas the final ending needs something extra to trigger it :)

Holy moly, thank you so much for this incredibly thorough and kind review. I've been thinking about it non-stop at work since I read it. Comparing this game favorably to Kentucky Route Zero and SH... I'm really flattered. THANK YOU. (Incidentally, my very first playtester made the same remark about the T-rex plushie, but Mr. Protagonist has no time for our sentimental frivolities.) So glad you enjoyed the game, and your review single-handedly re-motivated me to work on another game set in the same universe.

(Also, I definitely recommend A Dark Room. It's very different from this, but it's another good IF-adjacent game that will keep your attention with short bursts of text/narrative!)

No jumpscare solidarity :)

Hey! It's most likely a compatibility issue with a browser extension, probably an adblocker or cookie remover. Whitelisting in your extensions should resolve it. 

Hey! I made it using Twine, a free low-code game dev tool. If you look for Twine on reddit, you can find a link to the Twine Discord where expert coders help out new ones.

For this game, 90% of the effects were accomplished through CSS. There's very little "actual" coding (Javascript, etc.) going on, other than some basic variable tracking. Hope that helps!

hey sorry to hear that. it's possible that a browser add-on is blocking the game from loading. i often have to whitelist specific game pages in my browser's adblocker for them to load properly. hope that helps!

This was a hilarious video, thanks for playing!

:) please do!

It's been updated, thanks for letting us know!

This comment made my morning. Spot-on.

We love to see the dedication 👏

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it all

Thanks so much! I try to avoid jumpscares as much as possible to challenge myself to scare players in other ways. <3

Thank you so much!! I try not to play favorites, but the writing in this one might be favorite overall :)

Aww, thanks so much! Glad you had a great time. No plans for continuation, I'm afraid, but you're always welcome to speculate ;)

;) you know it

Damn thank you so much! It's awesome that you enjoyed it so much

Check through some of the previous comments for hints :)

Thank you!! This is a great video -- the bit about wanting a ghost friend cracked me up. Nice selection on games on your channel too.... will be checking it out further!


thank you so much :)

Definitely not cheating! You can get the good and bad endings by playing through the game normally. For the "final" ending, check out the hint I posted to the previous commenter about turning off the phone in-game. Good luck!

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.

(HINT: You can turn off the phone when it starts to get glitchy. You might remember from previous playthroughs that there's a point late in the game where the vocab app resets itself... Keep an eye out for that moment.)

Thank you so much for this awesome, thorough review!! You touched on basically everything that I hoped players would appreciate, especially the increasingly sinister words -- not a lot of people comment on that!

I'll do my best to create some more good stuff ;)

Parental figures have that sixth sense sometimes :(

¡Muchas gracias! Este comentario me hace muy feliz y me alegra que hayas disfrutado del juego (¡en español!). Lo siento por mi mal español, todavía estoy aprendiendo.

Thanks for this very kind review! The audio editing definitely took awhile haha. Good luck on the other endings :)

Thanks! I try to avoid cheap jumpscares ;)

Thank you! Glad you guys enjoyed :D


All the awesome translators are listed in the credits menu!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed! I'll accept any comparison to RE as a compliment ;)

Thanks so much! And don't worry, the man outside just wants to help you study :)

To follow your friend's hint, try playing one more time. There will be an opportunity near the end of your final playthrough to prevent the app from restarting. No need to refresh the page. Good luck! :)

Thanks! And sure, a Hungarian translation would be great. My contact information is on my profile.