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To follow your friend's hint, try playing one more time. There will be an opportunity near the end of your final playthrough to prevent the app from restarting. No need to refresh the page. Good luck! :)

Thanks! And sure, a Hungarian translation would be great. My contact information is on my profile.

Ha, thank you! (and go take out your trash!! your vocab skills will protect you)

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Thanks so much for this thorough write-up! Glad it hit just the right amount of creepiness.

I actually agree that I left the final ending a bit too ambiguous... I have plans to patch in a clearer one, once I get some free time to do it!

Happy Halloween :)

edit: and three months later, the update has finally been made

Are we allowed to work on a poem with multiple authors? Looking forward to the jam!

I'm very glad to hear that you're out of that kind of situation, and I hope you're doing well!

Hi, thanks for the interest in my game! I don't want to spam up these message boards, so you can message me on Twitter about it. I'm also @litrouke there.

Hi, good question! For this jam, we want to solicit games specifically made with Twine as the central development tool, rather than as an accessory tool to other apps. So unfortunately, no, we won't be accepting Unity games using a Twine plug-in.

Thanks for checking.

Hey John,

All good! As long as it's made in Twine, we're happy here.

Hi Grace! I'd recommend waiting. The jam deadline is far off, so you have plenty of time to ask for feedback and tinker with multimedia. Good luck! 

Eu não falo português, mas estou feliz que você tenha gostado do jogo! [google translate]

Hahahah thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy my other games too :)

Thank you! For the final ending, you need to follow your friend's advice. Keep an eye on the text conversations in later runs...

For the final ending, you need to follow your friend's advice. Keep an eye on the text conversations...

Thanks! Indeed, there is a sad lack of Western games in the world (other than Red Dead :P)

And thank you for this lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed.

Hm, you should be able to click anywhere other than the image to return to the phone screen. Sorry you're having that issue. Are you playing on computer or mobile?

Thank you so much! Awesome to hear that the atmosphere kept you unnerved through multiple playthroughs.

I'm happy to leave my endings open to interpretation, so feel free to draw your own conclusions. But, I had in mind that in the final ending, you followed your friend's advice and succeeded in removing the threat from your street. Maybe I'll add a little epilogue... another set of texts from your friend that clarifies things.

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for this lovely comment. Making horror games without visuals certainly forces me to get creative with my scares ;)

Thank you! And I'm curious... which was your favorite difficulty? :)

Thank you, thank you, for your kind words and continued encouragement <3

Thank you! And yeah, Twine can be pretty flexible if you're willing to mess around with additional coding.

Glad it was spooky ;)

Oh no! Where are you stuck? If you want to fully reload the game, you should be able to back out and refresh the game page on itch.

Funny story -- I'd been on post-surgery bed rest for about a month prior to this. Apparently all my pent-up energy got funneled into one day of horror game development frenzy :P

Thanks! And my next game was just released, so enjoy away~ ;)

Yes, I owe you deeply for kicking off this translation train! And Weblate looks quite interesting... A group I'm working with is looking for translation suites right now, so this is timely. Thanks again. :)

Make sure you select "View in fullscreen" or "enable scrollbars" so your game is properly viewable/playable. Lmk if you need help with the settings.

Glad you enjoyed! And absolutely, I'm very interested. I actually thought about trying to cobble together my own French translation, but I wisely decided against it. :P You can email me at litrouke at gmail to get the translations started, thanks!

Yeah, it's a custom macro for Twine written by Chapel. Enjoy!

Thanks! And absolutely, I'd love that. Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and I'll send you the game text.

Thanks so much! Hopefully my next one will be out this summer.

I've just updated the game with an Indonesian translation, but thank you kindly for the offer!


Thank you! Hopefully just the right amount of scary ;)

And thanks for the great video! Cracked me up.

No one makes good decisions at 3am :P Arabic would be amazing! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and I'll send you the game text.

Thank you! I created it using Twine:

No, this game only has one ending, unfortunately. But I'm working on a similar horror game with multiple. :)

That would be great! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and we can set it up.

I'd love that! Shoot me an email at litrouke at gmail, and we can set things up.