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Dev here, people take things out of context, the slurs that have been said have been said to friends who can handle it and are said by people who can say it or have been given permission by people who can say it

We believe words are just words, using them in jest will make them lose their meaning, though we understand people do get offended and if anyone in the discord does, they can DM the mod team to make sure people don't say anything like that towards them

The drama is basically people who don't understand that people from different backgrounds can find things funny and not get offended by some words

- LiterallyJumble, aka AlphaSoupArt, aka gay person who says gay slurs at times because I kiss men

For a little context, I'm a dev and mod here, we're all friends in the screenshot shitposting on eachother, as for the slurs? we're GAY, or partly, we kiss men and say silly things, hell there's an entire running joke that two of our mods are gay lovers

Those who don't want to be insulted can state so, if they *do* get insulted after, report to a mod to have things checked out, things should be fun and not harassment, I hope this clears things up!

-Resident Boykisser Furry mod Jumble (AKA AlphaSoupArt)

You may be using an outdated version of the game, as one of the codes is broken in one of the versions. Please make sure you've downloaded the latest version, as that issue should have already been fixed

Is there any way to change the resolution of the camera?