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Thank you so much for the incredibly detailed and kind feedback! 

We will definitely take it into account and try to improve the digital movement w/o the controller - as well as how we communicate our message and why the food / plastic eatables are hard to differentiate (since real sea animals struggle to distinguish food from trash as well, this ws something we wanted to teach players about intuitively).

Thank you for playing and the kind feedback! 

Unfortunately, due to Corona nobody will be able to play the game with the intended controller - however we are working on optimizing the purely digital experience! As you said, food and plastic should be hard to differentiate, since that is the problem real sea animals face in polluted oceans - But we will try to communicate this better in future updates! 

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! 

Thank you for playing Saving Blue! 

The arcade controller can be used to recycle plastic in real life, in order to actually save some real fish as well. The waste you can throw in does not affect the game!

Absolutely great game. The core mechanic of just moving, hooking, jumping (& rewinding if something goes wrong) is entertaining itself because it feels so smooth. The mechanics are intuitively understandable and nicely explained on those whiteboards in-game. 

We were a bit clueless why you couldnt rewind time after fights (already killed enemies "coming back to live" through rewinding, the playback also showing how the player swings the sickle, ...). It seemed to only work with movement, what felt a bit off. 

Nonetheless, great work! We love it.

Thank you for the kind, detailed feedback!

We will think of ways we can make the movement less "carpal tunnel syndrom giving", when played without our custom controller. 

And yes - the hard to differentiate food and trash is intended! We are sorry to hear that you poisoned Blue - it's really hard for actual sea animals to distinguish food and plastic themselves, sadly. 

Thanks for playing Saving Blue! 

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Thank you very much for taking the time to give feedback! 

We definitely will work on making eating easier and more forgiving in terms of timing and direction.

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Thank you very much for your feedback and for playing! 

Yes indeed, if the player is at maximum speed & really wants to go through a wall - some collision bugs still occur - We are working on fixing that! 

The trash and food should be hard to differntiate, since real fish can't see the difference either - what causes them to eat too much plastic and die. We will try to convey this educational goal more clear in future updates! 

You can't not enjoy a game with a duck in a barrel as main character. That being said - Amazing Level Design, really smooth progression of difficulty. Everything from sound, art, presentation and mechanics fits together and delivers a super intriguing and enjoyable stealth game. Great work!