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Ohhh... Seems intresting, i'm gonna try it out.

hmph, It's paid... I have a question though, how many pages is this comic? Because it took me about 3 minutes to read yoink, and i wanna make sure this is worth it. Please answer!

Honestly, it has been a great experience playing this game. It is thought-provoking, and has a truly curious atmosphere. Its philosophical & subtle storyline can strike intrest in the user. I've noticed that if someone likes a game, they don't exactly publicize or express their thoughts, and that could lead to slow development. So I figured I would encourage you devs, because i would like to see this game updated frequently. Speaking of which, can you please feature the golden gate as a transformable thing once you have entered it already? (but of course have a bit more of a conveinent exit once you have gone through it once).


(Jamie age 9)

Lolzies! great job.