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Funny game. ironic im hoping lmaoo

Ah ok! I understand. I hope my comment helped and i apologize for the inconvenience  Thank you for taking time to respond.

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Adding onto the difficulty of completion, Every time i manage to find Her five times, the power goes out and a split second later, He busts in and i lose. Is this supposed to happen? Edit: Also, once while hiding he was still able to kill me? Is this just an anomaly? 

Thank you for taking time to respond! That's insanely cool! I'm excited to see the full story!

Hi! I'm playing your games quite late but i fell in love with them and plan on playing all of them! Whilst playing i noticed some of your games have a few similarities. Like the Alone series, Silent Way, and His Little Game (I noticed the house layout was the same.). So my question is, are all of your games connected (Like The Heights of My Heart and the Alone series) Or have you created multiple storylines that don't intersect?