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Oh, neat! Thank you for the reference, Slashie.

Hi all,

I'm planning to do the 7DRL this year, probably in Unity with Arcadia (Clojure). However, I am interested in finding a partner or two, who might be interested in collaborating, especially if you're into game design or art. We have plenty of time to come up with a modest concept (I of course have ideas already but I lean more towards implementation than design) and I can start working on the general framework beforehand (e.g., screen drawing, ECS, etc.) as allowed per the guidelines.

Please feel free to contact me here or @LispEngineer on Twitter.



@Jupiter_Hadley: I uploaded a Windows build of my current version of Aiband. It doesn't do much and I couldn't test it on my Mac, but feel free to try. It includes line-of-sight and improved mouse-over. Let me know if it works.

(I like how my game ID is ...6502, my first personal computer used one of those.)

Source code is available on GitHub

Release notes v0.0.1 for ProcJam 2016