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Luciana Cuarelli

A member registered Jun 09, 2020

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I loved every minute of it Keep it up!!!! o/

Awesome game! But I can't figure out how to unlock the last 3 levels even with the hints ( )  =(

Well..... I got fired at the first task! 10/10

I loved the art style and the music from this game.  Keep it up!!!

hahaha I just love it!

Well....It's official!

I dont know how to cook even in a game.. HAHAHA ;(

Congrats, very cool little game! 

This is my stylish Jusicleide.

I had a great time with it. Thanks :)

HAHA That was nice :D

Love this game :)

All the characters are very charismatic and real enough.

I will probably play again to see the possible ramifications that my choices will have in the story. For now, #TeamAshley all the way kkkkk

Thanks for making the game. It was a real silver lining in this quarantine.

My dad loved it kkkkkk