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yo, check in the thread for my fix for this (use your browser, not the itch app), I replied wrong :p

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Heya, I was having the same problem; it looks like the "Claim Steam Key" button is only visible on the web page (I'm using Chrome), NOT on the app. If you follow the directions after going to on your browser, it works perfectly.

EDIT: er, oops, this was meant to be a reply to Deeva!

Very cute!

I've had the same issue with trying to install patches - it seems like it installs the patch in a different directory when you install patches ("heartbeat3"). Not sure. but it might have something to do with the new Itch app - I had to reinstall Heartbeat after the new app launched because it was expecting the game to be in a different directory.

Heh. Good news and bad news today. The new Itch app is fantastic; it runs way faster for me and the UI is so much cleaner and easier to navigate. The new Google Chrome interface is the exact opposite. Anyway, good work guys!

Loved the demo and just bought the full game! Ya'll have made something really special :)

Quick heads up: I might be totally wrong here, but it looks like the files in the 1.02 patch are not in the Game v1.02. When trying to access the sewer, I got a error stating Map023.json was not found. I looked at the data dir and that file, plus Map024.json and Map273.json were missing as well. I downloaded the patch .zip and lo and behold, those are the only 3 files in the patch's Data dir. Moved them over and works fine.


So good, really looking looking forward to buying the full release! Still haven't figured out the secret ending...