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Hiya! Thank you for this amazing review! 

I'm really happy you found the visuals appealing and gave the demo a go. I actually shortened the time the images are displayed for because I thought it would become quite annoying after seeing them a couple times but I'll change it again as per your suggestion! It is a heartfelt dedication and I should let people know it, I just now realise I may have been a little ashamed of being sentimental there. 

The transition animation you mention wasn't supposed to be a a slide show, unfortunately, though I like how you let that be an option. I'll look into it immediately and make it look better on slower computers and lapops, thank you for the info! I also think I know what you mean by the "spam clicking" and I'll fix it in the next update. I have to admit, however, I don't think I understand the scrolling part, can we talk about it on Discord, perhaps? Here's my server, you can find me there personally, too: We could also discuss your extremely kind offer!

Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!