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Downloadable is preferred. Thank you!

Would you mind keeping this version updated as well? This way it can still be played on a PC even if Android updates many years from now breaking the game for good. This happens a lot to mobile games and they are lost forever. Cheers!

Love it! Would like to see this in a more fleshed out, polished game in the future.

Be great to see a PET version of this as well.

Grew up in the 1980s on games like Pacman. This made me laugh (in a good way). The video alone is hilarious. Nice job!

Nice. Yeah I have always liked those train videos. Like how you translated that to lo-fi pixel art. Very cool.

Reminds me of those multi hour Youtube train ride videos through Norway:

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Small bug report: When the game ends and I go back to the menu, pointer is invisible.

Thanks for a DRM free demo. I don't financially support devs who don't. It's ridiculous. This looks amazing and your demo looks exciting. Can't wait.

You should remove the "TFA Beta Tester's Build 1.3" download since it is a dead link. Wanted to try the early build, but guess not. Unfortunate.

Hurry! I'm going to miss my train. :-)

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I don't know if you realize it, but you have basically made a remastered version of Imagic's Dracula on the Intellivision game console circa 1983. This is in no way a bad thing and I think it's awesome tbh. It has the day/night cycle and you have to get back to the graveyard before the sun rises. It was quite innovative for its time. Yours is obviously more complex and prettier, but in the same vein (pun intended).

...and btw, instant purchase for me. Thanks for making this!

I was looking for something else when I ran across this. Tried it out. Nice little town you created. Strangely "lost" when I got down to one green bot. Anyway, nice start on the graphics. Actually kind of a neat thing having futuristic droids in an old western environment. The town actually looks more medieval than western.

I just leave the code section up and running. No one wants to touch it thinking it's doing something important and complex. Best screensaver ever. LOL

Nice work!

Nothing but impressed. Very slick little game. Should definitely be revisited one day and expanded upon. Great work.

Google 1930s music. One of the songs "Crazy People" is by "Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra" circa 1931.

Cool interpretation of River Raid, but how about some extra lives like in the original.

Found this game through an old post here >>

Love the Halloween themes. Purchased.

Instant purchase for a couple of reasons: 1.) You kept it DRM free. 2.) It looks and sounds amazing. 3.) I love that neon cyberpunk Tron look. Reminds me of my childhood in the 1980s when arcades looked like that. Other than that I was worried why there were no brakes. I now see it's a power up in the game. Interesting game mechanics. Going to have fun with this one.

The game & watch remakes seem to be popular within the last couple of years. Most of them have a downloadable version as well. Would be nice if I could add this to my collection. Nice work.

You can still find this demo over at Gamejolt plus the OST download.

Absolutely love this. Just wish it had sound. Would be fantastic if you had time to grow this into a fully fleshed out game. Love the atmosphere.

Just finished Chapter 1. I like your art style. There are a few minor graphic glitches throughout the house due to lighting effects, shadows, etc., but overall a neat concept and I look forward to more.

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I saw your Kickstarter page. Just wanted to let you know that your Gamejolt page just shows "Forbidden" from the link you provide on your Kickstarter page. Downloading Chapter 1 now and thanks for providing a demo of sorts. I wont support a dev without a DRM free demo like this. Cheers!

Any chance of getting a new build on this? Game doesn't end properly when you lose. Just sits there. Maybe some new features? Really like the simple nature of this. Like the background music. Has a lot of promise. Maybe a donation would help?

Download version?

I second this. I dropped all DRM laden games over a decade ago and only buy from DRM free sources.

Are all the levels present from the original? Works great btw. Thanks!

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Found an earlier demo still available on IndieDB >>

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Well you have completely nailed the look. Great work. On Frogger it would be nice if the music didn't reset every time you make it across. There should be a sound effect that you got there and the score counts up, but the music should continue and the game should not pause so much. It disturbs the flow. Just my two cents.

On the pinball game it would be nice if there was more going on with the table (more obstacles, gimmicks, etc.) and there definitely needs to be a tilt key.  I realize you are working in a limited space on the pinball table, but it would be cool if you went a little more vertical with ramps, etc since it is going for holographic style.

Either way, the graphics and sound are really pro and I look forward to further updates. Cheers!

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What the heck is wrong with the controls in Pac Man? I press left arrow, it goes right. Wont go up or down. Also, will you be releasing a download version? The graphics look great!

Edit: Yeah, no. Pac Man needs to be just AWSD or arrows. This two key thing sucks bad.  The rest of the games are great!

Glad you released it here as I don't support borroware platforms like Steam. Cheers!