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Thanks for that. Always liked the Intellivision version with the spotlights. Would love to see an Unreal 4 or 5 remake. One of my favorite early 80s console games.

Link to the manual is dead.

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Those sound like great ideas! Looking forward to the updates.

I missed this update somehow. Are you still working on updating this title? Looks great so far.

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It would be great if the keys could be remapped. I would like to be able to reverse the pitch controls. The audio/video production is great. Great atmosphere! I will say it is quite a difficult game. Will need some practice for sure.

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This makes an appearance in my 486 Halloween special. Game is very well done.

Hey, thanks for the quick response. I just wasn't sure if the perk was buried in the other file somewhere. Completely understand and thanks for the explanation. I have run across other games where the devs keep the same filename even though it's updated which makes build revisions hard to keep track of. Cheers.

The $10 and up reward says:

+Get access to a additional Prototype level => Unlimited Wrythax boss level (currently WIP) // Boss Battle based on Music

The free file and $10 reward file look exactly the same to me? Is something different?

Just curious why you decided to have the board reset completely when you die? Besides that, game is near perfect.

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Fantastic work! Love the music. One little weird thing running it in DOSBox (v0.74-3). Whether I'm in EGA or VGA mode I get a few lines of flickering towards the top of the game board. This happens as I progress through the game and not necessarily right away. I put a red box around the area I am speaking of in the attached screenshot. Haven't tried it on real hardware yet. Thanks for keeping the DOS dream alive. haha Cheers!

Thanks for the response. Like I said, beautiful game.

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I purchased this to support your efforts and the aging Amiga community as it really does capture how far ahead of its time the Amiga was. Especially when the first model system came out in 1985. I haven't had time to play it yet, but as I was watching a gameplay video I noticed there is no sound when your ship explodes. Is that correct? The music sounds great, but is it just the video I watched or are the in-game sound effects sparse compared to what's happening on the screen? I realize there are limited audio channels to pull all of it off, but at least there could be a death animation sound effect. Beautiful game. Congrats!

Amazing work and remember... NOT COMPUTERS

It's a NES game so search for a good free NES emulator.

So of course now that you have an Amiga 1000 at the top of this page you'll have to code an Amiga OCS version. haha

Broken Dropbox link.

Downloadable is preferred. Thank you!

Would you mind keeping this version updated as well? This way it can still be played on a PC even if Android updates many years from now breaking the game for good. This happens a lot to mobile games and they are lost forever. Cheers!

Love it! Would like to see this in a more fleshed out, polished game in the future.

Be great to see a PET version of this as well.

Grew up in the 1980s on games like Pacman. This made me laugh (in a good way). The video alone is hilarious. Nice job!

Nice. Yeah I have always liked those train videos. Like how you translated that to lo-fi pixel art. Very cool.

Reminds me of those multi hour Youtube train ride videos through Norway:

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Small bug report: When the game ends and I go back to the menu, pointer is invisible.

Thanks for a DRM free demo. I don't financially support devs who don't. It's ridiculous. This looks amazing and your demo looks exciting. Can't wait.

You should remove the "TFA Beta Tester's Build 1.3" download since it is a dead link. Wanted to try the early build, but guess not. Unfortunate.

Hurry! I'm going to miss my train. :-)

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I don't know if you realize it, but you have basically made a remastered version of Imagic's Dracula on the Intellivision game console circa 1983. This is in no way a bad thing and I think it's awesome tbh. It has the day/night cycle and you have to get back to the graveyard before the sun rises. It was quite innovative for its time. Yours is obviously more complex and prettier, but in the same vein (pun intended).

...and btw, instant purchase for me. Thanks for making this!

I was looking for something else when I ran across this. Tried it out. Nice little town you created. Strangely "lost" when I got down to one green bot. Anyway, nice start on the graphics. Actually kind of a neat thing having futuristic droids in an old western environment. The town actually looks more medieval than western.

I just leave the code section up and running. No one wants to touch it thinking it's doing something important and complex. Best screensaver ever. LOL

Nice work!

Nothing but impressed. Very slick little game. Should definitely be revisited one day and expanded upon. Great work.

Google 1930s music. One of the songs "Crazy People" is by "Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra" circa 1931.