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not sure how to change channels

Check out my review here with gameplay - Play classic Arcade games like Pacman, Frogger, Donkey Kong and more in your own customizable Arcade Age of Joy is a blast from the past.

how's development going?

Video Preview of the Launch Build (September 16th) - 

it was to use the emulator on my retro styled handheld system but I paid for it anyways

I tried but it wouldn't work. 

I love supporting a dev to watch them abandon the project and move it over to App lab.

then offer the ability to play the game without having the dev tools. I had to buy stuff I don't use so I could play these games on my portable system.

hopefully Nintendo's legal team doesn't see those stars

Playing this in VR and I give a quick rundown how I am running it on my Oculus Quest 2 if anyone wants to see this amazing experience in VR, but yeah I love this, I want more, and thank unity5games a ton!

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this looks sweet

Played on Rg351M using ArkOS just copied the standalone folder into Pico directory as a folder and in pico 8 I see the folder open it and open the first file the 0 one and it runs great. controls are set to forward back turn left right with analog or dpad and the face buttons do the open door and shoot mechanics so no dual stick action here but honestly still a blast to play and I know there are other ways to play doom on this device but hey I love this simplicity and its a ton of fun to play.

The music plays in background even while playing roms, the roms have screen issues with lines and such, emulation is horrible, the environments are ugly and not properly scaled, the android app doesn't work with usb controllers...

so lots of issues.

ahh. well I'll wait to see how that goes before investing more money into this.

it does not support zapper, and this app is very poorly made, do not buy it I wasted my money so please do not waste yours.

you ever planning to update TV places?

Is this project still being worked on?

I tested it on this video 

I can test it if you would like I have a youtube show on side quest games, If its good ill cover it on my show.

I remain hopeful! thank you for your hard work

If you would like me to test this on quest let me know.

What platform is this for?

can we get quest port?

any news on updates?

any way we can have two tvs one playing video files and the other playing the games?

The game is extremely fun to play and the graphics are sharp and impressive, I would love to be able to press the buttons instead of the trigger for shooting tho or just support both. I love how the joystick moves along with the game and again its all so clean that even tho its a small area with a single arcade cabinet I feel like the new reduced price is worth it for the right person.

I would love to see the fire button update and if that happens I would say for the $2.50 or so Canadian I personally paid (i didnt get this free) I felt I got a worth while product and I cant wait to see what comes out of this going forward. When more cabinets are added I would expect the price increases too adding incentive for early adopters.

thank you I wanted to try it out

download is dead

if the sets were remotely enjoyable to explore I would let it pass but the big bang theory one is totally off scale and not even accurate layout to the show and the friends one the well designed room seems to have glitchy framerate and your height is completely off not to mention everything being the wrong size. there is a quest custom homes friends environment and it is 1000x better then your paid version and that was the issue. I am all for exploring tv spaces but at this point in the development cycle it would have been smarter to hold off until there was something worth experiencing.

this is the worst thing ive experienced on my quest... and it actually cost money. please dont waste your money there is nothing here.