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I played through the story and found it delicious. Then found out there was an endless mode. I proceeded with serving customers for 10 minutes. I asked myself many times if I was already in the simulation. After 2 more burger flips I decided to go outside for a walk. I found myself exiting the tree line and walking through a barren landscape. I kept walking until I fell off the map. I heard nothing but the stillness of the air and crickets. My compass and objective started to spazz out the deeper I go. I thought I was going to bust out of this simulated world and into another, but for a couple of minutes I felt the stillness take over my body. I didn't recognize how stressed out I was until this moment. I'm going to get up and move myself now. Thank you for a wonderful game, I enjoyed it a lot. 

Music and style is so good! I cant wait for the full release